Django 1.7

    After almost a year of development, the long-awaited release of Django 1.7 was released.
    Key changes to the new version
    • Discontinued support for Python 2.6.
    • Added support for migrations directly to the framework itself. Click here for instructions on migrating from South.
    • Reworked application loading mechanism. Now is optional.
    • Changes to the Field API, in particular, the mandatory deconstruct () method has been added to support migrations.
    • Added the ability to call QuerySet directly from the manager. Now you can also specify the necessary manager when using communication between models.
    • A new system for checking the project and diagnosing errors; instead of validate , the check command is added .

    A complete list of changes to this release can be found here , you can also read an article about the innovations of Django 1.7 on the Habr .
    You can download the new version here , it is also possible to install via pip install Django == 1.7.
    Together with the 1.7 release, bug fixes for previous releases are also presented (versions 1.4.15 , 1.5.10 , 1.6.7 ).

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    When will you upgrade to Django 1.7?

    • 30.1% I ’ll sit on previous versions 207
    • 16.4% Already Crossed (beta, rc) 113
    • 53.3% I will pass in the near future 366

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