Nokia X, X + and XL received an update

    Many are already aware of the latest Microsoft Mobile changes regarding the line of smartphones based on the Nokia X platform (based on the Android Open Source Project). At the same time, we have always been serious about supporting current customers, and Nokia X buyers will not be an exception - updates will be released over the next 18 months.

    And, in order not to be unfounded, we are pleased to announce the start of the distribution of the update for entry-level smartphones Nokia X, X + and XL , which was launched last Monday. The update will open to users a number of improvements to the operating system and offer new features and capabilities, thereby bringing the first generation devices closer to the recently released Nokia X2 smartphone .

    One of the key features of the interface after the update will be the manager of running applications App Switcher, which migrated from the new product.

    Since the physical control in early Nokia X smartphones differs in the number of touch buttons (in X, X +, XL there is a one-button interface, in X2 - a two-button one), App Switcher is launched through a separate menu.

    In order to see the running applications, users need to open the swipe control panel from top to bottom and touch the App Switcher icon. The dispatcher menu visually displays all open applications: to go to the desired one, just touch it to close it - click on the cross.

    With the update, a number of Microsoft services will be preinstalled and integrated into the system.

    These include email, OneDrive cloud storage, and OneNote's cloud-based note-taking service. fully supports multiple Outlook accounts, pop-up notifications, and calendar and contacts synchronization.

    OneNote Mobile not only allows you to work with Microsoft OneNote 2010 notebooks and notes stored in OneDrive (as you might think), but also create sketches directly on Nokia X and synchronize up to 500 notes.

    First-generation devices also received an updated Nokia Store, already familiar to users of the Nokia X2. The first thing that users can note is the most convenient search that allows you to quickly find and install applications and games (up to 75% of standard Android applications can work on Nokia X).
    Third-party application stores are also integrated in the Nokia Store, so now, having not found the option you are looking for, the user does not need to go to other resources on his own. Other updates to the Store include a one-click download of the application and a new Spotlight widget for the start screen, which will help open new content.

    The update for Nokia X, Nokia X + and Nokia XL will be distributed “over the air”. Users will receive automatic notifications of new software availability.

    Manual verification and installation of updates is possible by clicking the button "Check Now" in the menu "Settings → About Phone → System Updates".

    More information about the update and its installation can be found here and here .

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