Hong Kong Dim Sum Labs in Hong Kong

So Hong Kong. The city of tall houses and expensive hotels. We are here to visit the hackspace of Dim Sum Labs and work there a couple of days.

14th floor, the elevator does not work, narrow staircases, very steep stairs. Well, when it all ends ...

Finally we are there. You just need to catch your breath.

If you are a member, then simply attach a local metro card and the door will open.

If you have been to Hong Kong, then you are aware of local traditions regarding the size of housing and any premises. Yes, there is no permanent place in the city, so the rooms are hellishly expensive, and at the same time they are often slightly larger than the toilet in a modern apartment.

At the same time, the hackspace space is used to the maximum. One wonders how they stuffed so much equipment into such a room.

In cramped conditions, but not in insult, as they say.

And this is just the Raspberry Pi-based access control system for the room. The

sources are on the github.

A little about money:
  • A month costs HK $ 500, access 24/7
  • Or you can pay immediately for a year HK $ 5000
  • If you come and you need to work one day, then HK $ 50

To transfer to rubles, we multiply by 5. By reference, you can find detailed conditions for membership in the hackspace.

Membership fees are simply put on envelopes, signed ...

... and dropped into the box.

We look further ... General phone:

Clock. They say: "TWENTY PAST TEN".

Game of Life on an 8x8 LED matrix .

A cat with the IP address, laser-burning in the eye all living around (still in development).

This small room has a dedicated soldering area.

Common desktop.

Shelving with personal belongings of members and a wall with tools.

Finally, there is even equipment, and there is a lot of it for such a small room.

This is a milling machine.

Now they show us how to make a board. First, paste double-sided tape.

Glue to the work area of ​​the machine.

We fix:

The process has begun.

Almost ready.


On this machine you can still process aluminum.

True, he makes a lot of noise.

Dim Sum Labs is a great place, and the guys are just champions in how to place so much useful equipment in a limited space. Will you be in Hong Kong - be sure to visit.

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