At Dusseldorf Airport, robots are parking cars

    Visitors to the airport in Düsseldorf can now quickly park their car before the flight. You don’t even need to look for a free seat: just leave the car in one of the 6 “buffer zones”, get a coupon with a QR code - and you can go on a flight.

    The car will take one of the three Ray robots to a suitable place , which works completely autonomously (only one airport employee is needed to explain to drivers how to use the technology).

    The dimensions of the machine are scanned in the buffer zone, then Ray takes it to the most optimal place using the integrated digital card. Upon returning the driver, the robot delivers the car back to the same buffer zone.

    Ray parking robots neatly handle the car, they move at a speed of 10 km / h and are guided, among other things, by special reflectors on walls and columns.

    A day of such parking costs 29 euros, an hour - 4 euros. This is about the same as in other parts of the airport where people work.

    These devices are manufactured by the small company Serva Transport Systems from Munich. Company executives say that the automatic system allows you to park 40% more cars in the parking lot, because they are placed closely and more thoughtfully: small cars with small cars, and large cars with large ones. You can calculate how much the project will pay off based on the increased parking density and the lack of staff salaries, given the cost of the simplest system of two transfer stations and two robots of 900 thousand euros.

    Perhaps this way you can put cars in several floors, as they do with containers in warehouses.

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