Open Interconnect Consortium - New Driving Force for the Internet of Things

    The three leading technology players for the Internet of Things, Samsung, Intel, and Dell are joining forces to design common open source approaches that can simplify the development of protocols, software, and devices — the future building blocks of the digital world within the Open Interconnect Consortium community . The consortium also included Atmel, Broadcom and Wind River.
    As the name implies, the main goal of the community is to develop open standards for the interaction of devices with each other, regardless of their manufacturers, purpose and management software. In the process of joint work, software and hardware modules will be created, and a certification program will be launched. It is emphasized that the code of all software developments will be freely distributed and as compatible as possible with existing technologies and operating systems. The consortium participants see their creation as the creation of an ecosystem of a “smart home” and office (remote control and monitoring, energy saving, general access to media resources, information security). It is estimated that by 2020, the Internet of Things will number 212 billion nodes. No doubt

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