Adam Bean's master class “Java EE: Architecture, Templates, and Solutions”: feedback and impressions of the participants

    On June 3 and 5, a master class was held in the online format “Java EE: Architecture, Templates and Solutions” by Adam Bean.

    Adam Bean - Java Champion, Top Java Ambassador, and JavaOne Rock Star - offered an audience a workshop on designing enterprise-wide Java application architectures.

    Adam Bean showed how to design the architecture of enterprise-wide Java applications and application clusters.
    The students were invited to work with the source code of the program and take part in the discussion of the cornerstone concepts necessary in order to learn how to design the accompanying systems.

    During the workshop, code was written for the most interesting parts of the solution.
    As a reference, students received a GIT repository with all code fragments and solutions, as well as ready-made sample applications.

    The listeners of the master class shared their impressions with us.

    Evgeny Rodin: “Great! I liked the training, the speaker was “on top”, I felt a professional approach and considerable experience in this direction. The overall impression of the training is positive. The training made me take a fresh look at familiar and already obvious things. Provided the opportunity to assess the advantages and disadvantages in the existing practice of using JavaEE design patterns.
    PS If there is another opportunity to participate in the training of Adam Bean, I will be happy to accept the invitation. ”

    Vyacheslav Blinov: “For me it was the first experience with webinars and it was great. Adam has shown us the highest level of competency and expertise in Java Enterprise development. The most useful for me was the bunch of real-life examples on every topic that was covered in the workshop. This workshop has inspired me to have a closer look on some J2EE technologies and enrich my knowledge. I'll be glad to participate in other Adam's workshops. "

    Denis Tsyganov: “Adam Bin loves questions and is generally a very enthusiastic guy. What is it worth his half-hour monologue that the server is now very inexpensive and a story where exactly they can be inexpensively bought. The topics covered are very different, which can be written in plus or minus. Answers gave a very complete and detailed.
    A specialist playing, a lot of what he says along the way is illustrated with code.
    In general, his trainings will be available - I’ll definitely go, even if it’s just materials on the record. ”

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