Correspondence programming Olympiad for MIPT applicants

    A school in applied mathematics and physics is being held for applicants at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (more details can be found on the official website ). On July 8 there will be a full-time olympiad in mathematics and physics, but in informatics, the olympiad is extramural and is held at . The Olympics are held according to the Kirov system at Ejudge. The results of this Olympiad will be taken into account during an interview at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and in the distribution of freshmen among computer science groups. Winners will receive prizes from sponsors - the base organizations of FUPM and FRTK MIPT - companies Parallels and Acronis.

    The Olympics will end on July 7, 2014. All tasks are simple and are aimed more at making applicants once again aware of their knowledge of computer languages, algorithms and architecture, as well as getting used to the testing system, with which very many of them will have to communicate throughout the entire first year.

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