The supercomputer that passed the Turing test turned out to be a bluff

    A few days ago there was a topic on the hub that reported that the Russian computer program was able to pass the Turing test for the first time in history:
    The program, developed by Vladimir Veselov from Russia and Ukrainian Yevgeny Demchenko, yesterday convinced 33% of the judges that she was in fact 13-year-old Odessa citizen Yevgeny Gustman, a lover of sweets and hamburgers and the son of a gynecologist.

    To understand that this was a bluff, without any foundation, was quite simple.

    As TechDirt noted : Eugene Goostman is not a supercomputer, but just a chat bot. In general, the methodology for conducting this test was incorrect and does not withstand any criticism.

    The chatbot posed as a thirteen-year-old Ukrainian boy named Eugene Goostman, whose English is not native. It is quite obvious that the strangeness in his answers and the inability to adequately answer questions from the judges could be mistaken for not good English proficiency.

    Well, besides, the organizer of the test was Kevin Warwick, a person known for his sensational statements for gullible journalists.

    You can chat with the Eugene Goostman chatbot yourself and make sure that it is primitive here (the site is often unavailable.)

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