The US Secret Service buys software that recognizes sarcasm in social networks

    In an order posted online on Monday, SS describes the need for a service capable of, among other things, analyzing large amounts of data from social media and visualizing the result. Recognition of sarcasm is only one of the many functions of the required software, but it was it that attracted the attention of the Washington Post reporters, the headings of which sound (for testing, presumably, purposes): “The Secret Service needs software that recognizes sarcasm on social networks. (Yeah, good luck) ”and“ The Secret Service needs software that recognizes sarcasm on social networks. We have no doubt that this will work . ”

    By the way, the development of software that recognizes sarcasm is quite real. A year ago on Habré the article slipped that the French company Spotterdeveloped a tool that they said is capable of identifying sarcasm in comments on the Internet .

    according to Slashdot, not only Spotter is dealing with a similar problem: IBM, Salesforce and several other large IT companies are also actively working on analytical software that can recognize the comments of users who like this allegorical

    So the Secret Service will have plenty to choose from. It remains to understand why they need this. SS, if someone does not know, the analogue of our FSO is to protect the first persons of the state. They probably think that caustic users are at risk.

    (But in Russia, they would simply have introduced the mandatory use of the irony tag and penalties for non-compliance.)

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