A selection of interesting accessories for Nokia smartphones

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    It's no secret that Nokia has always been distinguished by extraordinary solutions both in its devices and in their accessories. In our blog on Habrahabr, we have repeatedly talked about many proprietary add-ons for Nokia smartphones.

    However, not only we can surprise with interesting solutions that can improve and decorate our devices. In this post we want to highlight third-party accessories and some of our new products.

    Charging device

    In a recently published review of new Nokia chargers, we talked about the rather unusual wireless charger Nokia DC-50. In addition to the built-in 2400 mAh battery, its main advantage is support for wireless charging based on Qi technology.

    A good alternative, especially for those who are not so demanding on the size and design of chargers, can be the Mugenizer N11 from the Japanese company Mugen Power. It also supports induction charging, which is suitable for smartphones such as Lumia 920, 1520 and 930. For the rest, it is possible to connect via a standard microUSB / USB cable.

    The Mugenizer N11 has a 4800 mAh battery. An LED status indication is provided on the housing. Weight is 230 g, dimensions - 75x137x14 mm. The cost of the memory in the official store is about 2,500 rubles, however, in this case, you can get the device only by mail.

    For motorists who often use Lumia on the road, our next device may come in handy. Car charger-holder Nokia CR-201 will help simplify and secure the process of using your smartphone while driving.

    CR-201, like most ordinary mounts, is mounted on the windshield of the car and, thanks to the rotary mechanism, allows you to install the smartphone both horizontally and vertically. The device itself is reliably fixed in the holder with the help of lateral adjustable "legs" equipped with rubber gaskets.

    The charger is connected to a standard “cigarette lighter” and, like the aforementioned devices, allows you to recharge your Lumia using QI wireless induction technology.

    In addition, Nokia CR-201 supports NFC technology, which in this case activates the driver mode: a special smartphone menu with up-to-date information and quick access to three applications (HERE Drive +, Nokia Music and a quick call are installed by default, but the user can set their favorites applications).

    The dimensions of the accessory are 117.4 x 74.7 x 101.6 mm, weight is 165 g. You can purchase it in the official Nokia store at a price of 3,490 rubles.


    For those who value in headphones not only sound but also appearance, we suggest paying attention to the new Coloud Boom headphones for Nokia.

    Distinctive advantages of the new product: minimalistic, but bright design, as well as good sound with deep low and clear mid and high frequencies. At the same time, the cost of new items is from 1,190 rubles, which is quite nice for headphones of this type.

    Among the pleasant things: a sensitive microphone with a player control button and a tangled flat cable with a Zound Lasso mount, which allows you to quickly fix the coiled wire.

    Fans of dry numbers - technical specifications: speaker size 40 mm, impedance 32 Ohms, frequency range 20–20 000 Hz. Sold in the official Nokia store .

    Fans keep the smartphone in their bag or pocket, and listen to music via Bluetooth, we recommend the stylish brick Nokia BH-121.

    The case of the device measuring 39x39x12 mm (which can be presented in blue, red, yellow or black) is the dream of a minimalist and perfectionist. On it you can notice only the mounting clip, control buttons, volume control, LED battery status indicator, USB port and a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.

    Supported Bluetooth profiles include HFP / HSP and A2DP / AVRCP. In addition, the device supports NFC technology for synchronization with a compatible smartphone with one touch.

    Music playback time is 6 hours, and in stand-alone mode Nokia BH-121 can spend up to 7 days without recharging.

    The Nokia BH-121 comes with Nokia WH-208 headphones for sale. The cost in the official store is 2490 rubles.


    Yes Yes. Among the available accessories for Nokia, and more specifically for the Lumia 1020, there is even a drone. It is produced by its reputable drone company, Lehmann Aviation.

    The LA300 model is designed for aerial photography and the Nokia Lumia 1020 just needs to play the role of the main working tool: it is mounted under the fuselage of the aircraft. Drone control is extremely simple and does not require any special skills. The user sets the flight path by drawing it on a tablet (based on Windows 8) and launches the drone into the air from his hand.

    The device is capable of flying at a distance of up to 15 km, developing a speed of 20-80 km / h. The only price LA300 really bites: 3990 euros only for the device itself. You can purchase it on the official website of the manufacturer .


    The first and perhaps the most unusual case on our list is the accessory for Nokia Lumia 1520 from the famous Moroccan designer Yunus Dure.

    The fact is that a case of unusual design in appearance resembling a snowflake pattern can be created by anyone using a 3D printer. The model is in the public domain and you can download it at this link .

    If you do not have the opportunity and a free 3D printer at hand, you can order ready-made copies on the website of the design bureau . The cost of one copy is 25 euros.

    You can read about the story of the creation of the cover and designer Yunus Dure on our Russian- language blog Conversations .

    In contrast to the design case for Nokia Lumia 1520, we can also recommend a protective cover Nokia CP-623, which will appeal to lovers of traditional and convenient solutions. “Flip-cover”, like many similar solutions for tablets, can be used as a stand, which is convenient when watching videos, reading web pages and other procrastination :) The cost in the official store is 1290 rubles.

    By the way, among the official accessories there are cases, removable panels and covers not only for the Lumia line, but also for the Asha and X lines. For example, for the Nokia XL smartphone , which will soon appear on the Russian market, you can also buy a case with a protective the lid.

    Continuing the theme of unusual covers, we will tell you about two really unusual and externally attractive specimens.

    The first one is the retro-case for Nokia Lumia 1020, which turns the camera phone into a kind of classic photo card for lovers of dad's “Lake” and “Zenith”.

    The case is made of a rather dense material (resembling leather), which can protect the body from falling from a small height and scratches. In addition to protecting the case, a special folding case for the camera module is provided in the case.

    The cost of the cover is 8 US dollars. You can order it here .

    The second unusual case, like Nokia phones, has Finnish roots. Lastu is perhaps the most environmentally friendly accessory for Nokia Lumia 925: a protective cover made from hand-crafted wood. These accessories are unique in that the tree of northern species is taken as the basis: the Karelian birch and the so-called kelo - a type of pine growing very slowly in extremely low temperatures.

    The cost of Lastu Wooden Skin for Lumia 925 is 25 euros. You can order one of two options with delivery on the official website of the manufacturer (http://lastucase.com/product/lastu-wooden-skin-lumia-925).

    And finally - an accessory for lovers of winter expeditions and ski resorts. An original smartphone bag created in collaboration with the well-known snowboard company Burton: Nokia X Burton XL CP-614.

    Thanks to special materials and insulation, the bag will help protect the smartphone not only from moisture, snow and falls, but also from hellish cold.

    The cost of a bag in the official store of Nokia is 1,080 rubles.

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