Three startups who work in coworking and change the industry

    On April 7, we opened our coworking, and the first residents arrived at the site. All of them are professionals, passionate about their work and creating non-standard projects that change the usual course of things. We decided to tell you more about them and asked the three teams three questions: what kind of project do you have, why did you decide to work in coworking, and what are your expectations from working here.

    Alexey Lazorenko, BlaBlaCar

    I was one of the founders of the project , which was recently acquired by the European service BlaBlaCar . Now I am developing BlaBlaCar in Russia and Ukraine and forming a team. BlaBlaCar is the world's largest ride-sharing service (more than 6 million users in Europe), uniting drivers and passengers along the way. A simple and convenient way for drivers to “share” empty seats in a car and find interesting fellow travelers who will pay for fuel costs for long-distance trips. Passengers get the opportunity to travel with reliable drivers in a comfortable car at a much lower price than by public transport.

    The theme of coworking is basically close to us in spirit. We are developing a service from the category of the economy of joint consumption, and the idea of ​​coworking is also just about this - joint and reasonable consumption of the workspace. Telegraph found out about DI quite by accident, from a post of a friend on Facebook. I did not think for a long time, and here we are and are very happy about this. It’s really great to work here, I sincerely recommend it.

    All that we want to get from working at DI Telegraph, we are already actively getting - a creative attitude and a desire to work a lot and fruitfully, surrounded by talented and interesting people.

    Art of AD

    Our project is called " Art of AD " - we make interactive gamified advertising. The bottom line is that any passer-by from a phone or tablet via wi-fi can connect to a video wall, for example, in a shopping center, and immediately start playing a game branded to the customer’s game, and in the end get some bonuses in the form prizes, coupons, discounts, etc.

    Now there are 5 people in the team. We have been working together for 3 years, and during this time we managed to get a patent for an invention, make a scientific publication, win five hackathons, make five games and six interactive installations with Kinect.

    For us, coworking is a cool and atmospheric place with very interesting people.
    Just fantastic people, pros in their field;
    Very useful acquaintances;
    Parties - the first was from Twice ;
    A huge hall on which you can ride a skateboard or scooter;
    Interesting conferences almost every day;
    Wonderful banana soap))

    We work a lot and are working around the clock in coworking. Therefore, we dream of all sorts of household trifles that will make our lives more convenient - for example, ottomans and coffee droppers at every workplace.

    Moscow Coding School

    Moscow Coding School is a school of a new model, where cool young developers from progressive Internet companies and startups introduce representatives of creative industries to programming. Among the school's teachers, the creator of the world famous Emmet plugin Sergey Chikuenok from Innova Systems , Misha Reizlin from SoundCloud , Roman Gordeev from , the creator of Gifpumper Slava Balasanov (aka Slava) from New York, the leading WOS web engineers Mika Nalbandyan and Artem Legotin , PayPal Battle Hack winner Sergey Pronin from Empatika , Anton Domashnev, Nikita Komarkov and Boris Goryachev from Look At Media , Roman Garin fromHyperboloid , the developer of the sensational Glitché application Boris Golovnev and others.

    Courses take place on weekends at DI Telegraph and gather a lot of people who want to pump in web and mobile development. For a relatively small number of classes, students not only understand the basic concepts of a programming language, but also code their own projects with their own hands. Many come to us without any programming knowledge, and thanks to our teachers, they overcome the fear of practical coding and rethink their views on who they want to be.

    While at DI Telegraph, we feel absolutely no difference in atmosphere with coworking and startup incubators in San Francisco or New York. Everything here is perfect - ideal conditions for work and communication. A unique atmosphere that attracts interesting creative people here.

    We became the first residents of DI Telegraph and are proud of it. We hope that work here will give us even more new acquaintances and new breakthrough projects arising from them.

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