Stable Opera 20

    It's time to show you the stable version of Opera 20 and tell you what's new in it: for both users and developers. Updates will certainly come to you yourself, but just in case, you can download Opera 20 here .

    New for Users

    Something most interesting of what appeared in this version for users.

    Drag from express panel to bookmarks bar

    See? Just hook the cell and drag it to the bookmarks. So you can select your favorite sites from the express panel and open them even faster.

    Dragging a site to an express panel or bookmarks bar

    And of course, any site can now be added to the express panel or to the bookmarks bar as easily.

    More menu items

    We have added items for express panels, piggy banks and recommendations. Now they can be opened directly from the menu without opening a new tab.

    More settings for express panel

    We have added a new option to the advanced settings. Today Opera uses pretty large pictures for express panel cells. You can disable this and make their size much smaller. The setting is for fans of minimalism or those who simply have a lot of sites and folders in the express panel. By the way, we continue to develop advanced settings, so if you are interested in seeing something in advance, see  Opera Developer .

    Here's how the express panel looks with small pictures:

    And of course, many other fixes and improvements:

    • Better screenshots for Piggy Bank. Soap, go away!
    • Themes are now applied faster.
    • Mac setup: exit confirmation by Cmd Q
    • Broken padlock icon in address bar if certificate is invalid. Means "be careful."
    • Installing extensions from the Opera directory directly on the extension site

    More details in the full list of changes .

    What does this mean for developers

    Developers are also useful to know about what's new in the browser, so a brief overview of the new products of Opera 20 (on Chromium 33) and for them.

    JavaScript background (parallel) compilation and optimization

    So far, the V8 JavaScript engine has compiled optimized JavaScript and executed it in turn. For large parts of the code, this could lead to problems, and complex applications, such as games, could even freeze or lose frames, reducing FPS. But recently , the V8 team has included parallel compilation , which fixes this problem. As a result, pages with heavy JavaScript now behave much better in Opera 20.

    Web components

    Opera 20 now supports the default Web Components and Custom Elements specifications. This means that you can use document.registerElement () to create elements and document.createElement(elementName, typeExtension)to create instances of it. See the Custom Elements guide .

    Page Visibility API without prefixes

    Now you can use it simply document.hiddenand not document.webkitHiddenlisten to the event visibilitychange, not webkitvisibilitychange.

    More APIs for Extensions

    Opera 20 for computers introduced the following APIs for extensions:

    See the extension documentation for Opera 15+ for more information .

    Also popular now: