BITcommander - Your Next File Manager

    The moped is not mine, I just want to draw the attention of the public to this interesting project. Maybe someone wants to support him.

    BITcommander is a new generation file manager for Windows, the purpose of which is to collect the best of existing solutions and, rethinking them in terms of ease of use, implement it as a new program that gives the user a more comfortable navigation and data management experience.

    The author of this project aims to get rid of redundant interface elements, extra clicks and other gestures that slow down the work. The user should see in front of him only what is relevant to him at the moment. And the program will reflect such data in the most efficient way.

    Externally, BITcommander resembles the Finder in the style of Windows 8, with elements of Total Commander and Adobe Bridge. The folder structure is made in the form of vertical panels that reflect in detail the general hierarchy and nesting depth of the current folder. When moving to the next directory, the parent panels are shifted to the side, and the contents of the selected folder always remain in the center of the screen and fill most of the window.

    The program implements a system of "smart names" for folders and files. Long names that do not fit in the entire panel are shortened in a tricky way, while keeping important elements of the name visible. As an example, the author gives ways to reduce the name of the folder “Adobe Media Encoder CS6” in different file managers:

    Windows Explorer: Adobe Media Encod ...
    OSX Finder: Adobe Me ... coder CS6
    BITcommander: Adobe Media Enc..CS6

    An interesting solution is the smart file name formatting mode. BITcommander defines words, numbers and special characters, and presents hard-to-read names in a readable form, filling in spaces, underlining and highlighting numbers in bold to facilitate the identification of versions of similar files:

    Dates in BITcommander are presented in relative form and are complemented by color for greater convenience marks - the older the file, the colder the color:

    There is a special hybrid mode for the panel when graphic files are displayed as thumbnails, and all the rest in the form of a detailed list. Also, to save space, all sketches can be aligned in height and shown as mosaics:

    This is only a small part of what, according to the author, this program can do. It is worth noting that this is not just a set of ideas for implementation, but an existing program, which is now in the process of closed testing. The release of the first closed beta version is expected in February 2014. Public release - in April.

    Details can be found here:

    Official website:

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