Coffee machine for coffee independent or Wacaco mobile coffee machine

    There are people who really can not live without coffee. Fortunately, in today's world a takeaway coffee shop is not so rare if you are in the city. However, life situations are different: a hiking trip, a traffic jam, a roadside picnic (s) and many other scenarios when an espresso cup may not be so affordable.

    For such coffee makers, mobile coffee machines are being developed. One of the brands that has succeeded in this niche is Wacaco.

    In fact - Wacaco is a small pump that will “strain” a small portion of coffee, if you comply with a number of conditions. First and foremost: you need hot water.

    Despite the fact that the coffee machine is similar to a small thermos, it does not know how to store heat. The water cools down in less than an hour, so there is no sense in “storing” it inside the coffee machine. On the other hand, this is generally logical: we also pour cold water into an ordinary coffee machine, after which it heats up “on request”.

    The manufacturer does not make a secret of the fact that you should have a thermos with boiling water under your arm, which, under certain plots, sounds even logical: tourism, hiking, outdoor recreation, summer cottage.

    In addition to boiling water, coffee is needed: Wacaco produces several versions of coffee machines. One for groundthe other one we used was capsule for nespresso capsules.

    All parts of this “constructor” are significant.

    Wacaco consists of several parts, one of which (lower) is a reservoir for boiling water; top - a cover, it is a cup; under it is located the unscrewing “head”, under which the capsule or portion of coffee is placed.

    From the point of view of construction, there is nothing complicated: spin up / nest / tighten / press. True, the last point is still quite laborious, and it can even be partially described by the proverb: “you love to ride, love and sleigh to transport”. The fact is that on all promotional materials it is striking how easily the drink is “produced”.

    But let's be honest, this is not entirely true. The verb is extracted - not by chance. To drink coffee, you have to make an effort, and certainly pushing a button with two or three fingers is not an option here.

    In other words, the pump inside is not the most malleable. Plus, before pouring coffee, you need to pump a little “empty” (about 6-8 times).

    Actually, than pump up. The coffee machine is equipped with a single button-knob, which in the closed state does not strongly protrude and does not affect the mobility / compactness of the device.

    A simple turn to the side, it opens, turning into a pump handle.

    And then - the matter of technology and in a sense, physical fitness. In general, solid mechanics and nothing more.

    In general, we must admit that in addition to having to put some effort, everything works quite well and within the framework of the stated. The machine is really capable of reproducing an espresso cup in a fairly short time, no matter where you are, with the condition that you have hot water and capsules (or a pinch of ground) with you. Excellent hiking option and an alternative to a Turk on a fire with a little less romance.

    The cost of a coffee machine from a review of the order of 5 thousand rubles , which is probably worth the emotions that such a coffee machine can deliver to a coffee lover who is far from Starbucks.

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