Morphan: prefixes, roots, suffixes ...

    Most recently, we were faced with the need for HTML-layout of a large number of diverse educational (school curriculum) material.

    Unfortunately, in some cases it was necessary to separately prepare images with text blocks that were equipped with a clever layout. This complicates the HTML layout and editing process. Thanks to the wonderful MathJax , we were able to optimize the layout in terms of mathematics, physics and inorganic chemistry, but organic chemistry remained undefeated. Yes, there are packages for typesetting structural formulas in LaTex, but there is no support for them in MathJax.

    Take, for example, the morphemic analysis of the word (analysis of the word in composition). Here, alas, no ready-made solutions were found ... There were isolated cases on the Web: some sites have implemented their own solutions, but not free and undocumented. In addition, not very convenient for layout. In the remaining cases (which are the majority) - again, the insertion of pre-made images. Almost always - a raster.

    Therefore, preparing for new materials, and also long wanting to try development on GitHub, I decided in my spare time to make a simple js-engine for rendering symbols of morphemes. The work is raw, but I will be glad if someone joins , criticizes the code (of course, there is something to criticize), or if necessary, remembers Morphan in the future.

    Later, a library is also planned to display conventions for parsing sentences.

    UPD: Demo here

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