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    “I want to make games - where do I start?” Is an eternal question that does not leave any community related to game development in any way. The simplest answer is to take and do, participate in game jams, contests, hackathons, dig yourself ... The reaction to this answer is: “where to get the team, so I came up with the game, it’s cool” ...

    Yes, friends, let's see and listen to how the desire to make games turns into a result.


    Rabbit must die - a game assembled by a team of 4 people from scratch and in a couple of days. This is a competitive work for NextCastle Party, where the game gathered a crowd of fans in a spontaneously organized championship, took two first places and a set of prizes (including 2 Unity Pro licenses).

    Here is the material about Rabbits on Habré. The process of creating a game is perfectly illustrated from the generation of an idea to its implementation in practice.

    But this is an experienced team - she has a whole project on Unity and a number of projects on a flash. The following character talks about his path from “I seem to have been to Pascal school” to this picture here:


    It took a man a year to figure out programming, mathematics, geometry, Vkontakte API in the end ... Read Vlad’s story on Habré , his history allows you to better understand the game development process and inspires you to start doing something yourself.

    The next success story - the just-concluded NextCastle Party in St. Petersburg - is a great example and source of inspiration. Guys raised money on boomstarter, organized tournaments on retro games, an exhibition of game consoles of the last century, called interesting speakers, made a game jam on multiplayer games. I note an interesting balance when players meet igrodelov and plunge into the details of creating a game + cosplay for eye joy and live play testing. Here are the proofs for mood .

    The result of the two-day event is 18 multiplayer games, nostalgia for deep childhood games and the burning eyes of the younger generation, future workers of the game building :)

    imageContinuing the theme of non-profit events, the next GamesNight will be held in Kiev on November 16 . The star composition of the speakers, an interesting topic, the opportunity to get to know each other after the event.

    Sergey Klimov, one of the inspirers and founders of GameNights, confessed that he works for the benefit of the industry, wants to help with his experience and connections, to improve the game industry in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Let's believe and join this initiative ...

    Who was this text for

    In the "Internet" they write that without a publisher there is no way at all, that game development is only in the indefinite "there", that without a normal education and support from the state, there will be nothing. Friends, I really wanted to show on living examples what we need to take and do, that everything will work out both locally and globally. We need to support each other, help each other, strive for our goal and work hard. To work together.

    Be inspired by the stories of Vlad and Rabbit must die, gather friends around you and create something basic, at least for a contest like NextCastle, go to GamesNight (they even took place in Dnipropetrovsk and Voronezh, they will soon be in Perm and Orel), collect game dev -meeting in your city. Everything will work out.

    I write very little on Habré, but I publish a lot of snack, entertaining, interesting content about Unity and game dev on VK -

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