Solar Concentrator Sun Simba

After an article recently published in support of the crowdfunding solar battery project “PlanarSun” , I was surprised to find that I had ignored, in my opinion, the more interesting and promising project of a flat solar concentrator Sun Simba by Morgan Solar, about which I want to tell the habr to the community .

At first glance, it might seem that this is an ordinary Fresnel lens , but this is not so and the principle of its operation is completely different.
The need for hubs has already been described in an article about PlanarSun, so I’ll go straight to the description.
Morgan Solar is a Canadian energy startup with tens of millions of dollars invested .
The patent has many options for focusing solar radiation using 1-3 aspherical surfaces, but the most obvious is shown in the figure:

The principle of operation is very simple. The Sun Simba hub consists of circular aspherical grooves. They focus parallel incident radiation into small "gaps." Further, the radiation enters a wedge from which it cannot escape, and propagates to the solar cell.

In addition to its obvious advantages:
1. Compactness compared to the same Fresnel lens, parabolic mirror and Cassegrain system
2. Small energy loss

There is a drawback:
1. It is necessary to strictly concentrate the concentrator on the sun, which tracking systems can do.

Compared to PlanarSun, Sun Simba has a much higher radiation concentration - almost to a point, and not to two opposite planes. On the other hand, PlanarSun has a larger angular field in one coordinate, which makes it easier to track the sun.
I do not want to say that the PlanarSun concentrator is worse, but it is clearly underdeveloped.

And a few videos about the Morgan Solar project:

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