20 free add-ons for Visual Studio

    A similar post was already published some time ago , since then the number of add-ons for Visual Studio 2010,2012 and 2013 has exceeded the bar in 4k, and many new additions have appeared. Listed below are the 20 most popular or interesting extensions for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 in addition to the previous post.

    01: Array Visualizer

    Debug time visualizer for arrays. In various views, lets take a look at what an array of data looks like. It supports dimensions up to 4 and various types of data formatting in the form of graphs - histograms, splines, lines, etc.

    02: Cobisi Routing Assistant

    Routing editor for ASP.NET MVC web projects. Declarative registration of routing, a routing editor and other very necessary things for developing a website structure using MVC technology

    03: CodeMaid

    Many utilities for working with code, including formatting, code cleaning, navigation, convolution, search, and many other useful things. For instance:
    1. Removing Unused Scopes
    2. Sort Scopes
    3. Adding Implicit Access Modifiers
    4. Adding blank lines for easy formatting
    5. Removing blank lines between related brackets
    6. Starting VS formatting
    7. Delete consecutive blank lines
    8. Remove blank spaces at the end of lines
    9. Updating the end tag #endregion

    04: Disable No Source Available Tab

    Turns off the “No Source Available” window when debugging.

    05: I Hate #Regions

    Automatic convolution / unfolding of regions by opening a file, redone representation of regions in the editor:

    06: Microsoft Code Digger

    An analyzer of possible ways to execute the application for the subsequent analysis of this information. Allows you to more fully understand the behavior of the program. Indispensable in the "hunt" for hard-to-manifest bugs, exceptional situations, assertions.

    07: Modern UI for WPF Templates

    A set of ready-made templates for WPF. Something like bootstrap for WPF.

    08: Multilingual App Toolkit

    A set of tools for localizing applications.

    09: PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

    Powershell editor for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. IntelliSence, syntax coloring, formatting, code navigation, debugging (so far, as I understand it, at the level of support for breakpoints)

    10: QuickLaunchCommands

    Adds additional area filters to QuiclLaunch and searches for available commands in the current context.
    For example, by setting QuiclLaunchCommands and focusing on the error list window, you can search for the “go to next error” command (CTRL + Q) and they will tell you that this is actually the CTRL-SHIFT-F12 key combination.

    11: Review Assistant - Code Review Tool

    Code Review Toolkit. There are many additional features compared to the standard features of Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, but Visual Studio 2010 is also supported.

    12: Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension

    The example navigator from MSDN and the Platform SDK is built right into Visual Studio:

    13: SlowCheetah - XML ​​Transforms

    Transformer of all kinds of web, app, etc. config in order to convert them to the desired format or insert the desired content, depending on some conditions (debug / release / platform). For example, change connectionString for release.

    14: StopOnFirstBuildError

    It just stops compiling the project after the very first error.

    15: Team Rooms for Visual Studio 2013

    Integrates the features of Team Rooms (a communication and collaboration tool in Team Foundation Server 2013) into Visual Studio.

    16: TFS Source Control History Visualization

    Branch visualizer of source code. Based on Gource, integrated into the environment.

    17: Unit Test Generator

    In Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, for some reason, the context command for generating a unit test disappeared. This plugin returns this command.

    18: VSColorOutput

    Colorizes OutputWindow output:

    19: VsVim

    Vim emulator for Visual Studio 2013, 2012 and 2010:

    20: Web Essentials 2013

    A great addition for those who develop web applications. Many convenient and necessary functions, details on the site http://vswebessentials.com/ .

    Also popular now: