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    For a long time there were no assemblies, and for good reason. For example, an update to the new version of the Chromium 68 kernel. Together with new improvements, it brought us a lot of regressions. So all the time since the last build, we were engaged in catching and fixing bugs and regressions that came with the update. However, there are new features. About them and not only - with pictures under the cut.

    Web Dashboard Tips

    This new product allows you to create a web panel not only of the active page, but also of one of the websites that you have visited before and are on the history list. It looks like this:


    Well, and then you can immediately say about a similar solution -

    Cell Tips Express Dashboards

    This joy looks like this:


    Actually, the essence of both functions is the same - to offer to choose sites from faviconok, not screenshots. Thus it turns out to place in the tips a greater number of links.

    Use Ctrl / ⌘ + Click to navigate through browsing history

    It all looks confusing, but in fact everything is simple. Now, when navigating through the browsing history of a website, you can open the previous or next page in a new tab. It is done this way.

    When viewing a site and navigating through its pages, you wanted to return to the previous page, but do not want to close the current one. To do this, simply move the mouse cursor to the “Back” button in the browser interface and press it while holding the Ctrl key (or for MacOSX). It works the same way for moving up through the browsing history. Here is a handy feature.

    Known Issues

    As I said, we updated the Chromium core to version 68. In this regard, we got a lot of regressions (the list below), and with all our endeavors, not all of them were eliminated. In particular, what is broken:

    - It is impossible to fix the development tools
    - Errors in the operation of mouse gestures
    - The browser crashes when closing the tabs

    And, plus, while auto-update is disabled. While you have to download and update the browser manually.

    Files to download:

    Windows 32-bit for Win7 +
    Windows 64-bit for Win7 +
    Mac 10.9+
    Linux RPM 64-bit (recommended)
    Linux RPM 32-bit
    Linux DEB 64-bit (recommended)
    Linux DEB 32-bit
    ARM 32-bit(test build)

    Full list of changes:

    - [New] Tooltips for VB-42007 web panels
    - [New] Holding Command / Control opens a new tab while navigating the history of VB-42075
    - [Regression] [Mac] [Linux] In the list The wrong interface language is displayed VB-42343
    - [Regression] [Linux] Esc does not close the search field VB-40536
    - [Regression] [Windows] [Linux] Scaling by tap does not work VB- 40760 - [Regression] [Windows] Dialogs do
    not work when working with touchscreen VB-41237
    - [Regression] [IME] Adding characters in the address bar when switching between tabs VB-41153
    - [Regression] It is impossible to add / remove a folder on Express P anel VB-42360
    - [Regression] Unable to exit the snapshot screen in VB-41916 notes
    - [Regression] Fixed the background color of the button with the arrow VB-42294
    - [Regression] Crash when downloading files from mega.nz VB-42350
    - [Regression] Crash when opening a dialog save password in the background tab VB-42428
    - [Regression] The crash log is written to% localappdata% instead of the regular directory VB-40739
    - [Regression] The drag and drop event does not work in the placed tabs VB-41421
    - [Regression] External links open in the VB- group 42138
    - [Regression] Shortcut Keys Crash on VB-41212 Web Page
    - [Regression] Autofill does not work on LastPass VB-41275
    - [Regression] Cells are larger than tabs when placing VB-42263
    - [Regression] New tab out of focus VB-42421
    - [Regression] Notes panel closes when you click on the VB-42642 basket
    - [Regression] Incorrect panel resizing of VB-42435
    - [Regression] Closing fixed tabs VB-42537
    - [Regression ] Empty tab when opening from the VB-25631 selection dialog
    - [Regression] Delayed loading of session tabs does not work VB-41901
    - [Regression] Crash when placing tabs VB-41656
    - [Address bar] Localization of download data in the address bar VB-26818
    - [panels] Error opening VB-42734 floating panel
    - [Shortcuts] Appointment of a combination of two VB-40916 Team
    - [Speed Dial] Sleep ok recommended VB-42244 links
    - [Sync] Error saving case-sensitive names when synchronizing VB-42632
    - [Tabs] Inactive hosted start page is not displayed VB-42322
    - [Themes] Error of rounded corners in Vivaldi menu VB-24422
    - [Themes] Improved color selection VB-42349
    - [UI] Adding "- Vivaldi" to the window title bar VB-5401
    - [UI] Icon on the image capture button is not centered VB-40407
    - Upgrade to Chromium 68 We

    remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to do backups of important data. You can report any errors found at the same address .

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