Comparison of Raylogic 11G and Raylogic V12 laser cutting machines

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With you company 3Dtool . Today we decided to make for you a comparison of the Raylogic 11G and Raylogic V12 laser cutting machines. Well, more specifically, we will tell you about the changes in Raylogic laser machines.

As it turned out, when choosing a laser machine, many do not even suggest what an important role for a long life and stable work is: machine construction, reliable electronics, assembly culture and rigidity of the whole structure as a whole.

On Raylogic V12 series machines, you should immediately pay attention to the increased body weight - it became 15% more than the previous model.

The stand for the machine is now made of thick steel, with a transverse shelf. This is done for convenient storage of consumables or various tools and devices, and the collapsible design allows you to carry machines into narrow doorways 70 cm wide.

The stiffening ribs under the thrust bearings made of thick steel over the entire height of the working surface give the body more strength.

The working area has a linear rise of the engraving surface, thanks to ball-screw pairs. This increases productivity, when filling engravable products, defocused radiation.

In Raylogic machines with high precision, you can control the lifting of the table. The very same rise is carried out by stepping motors.

The design of the machine has a broaching window in the back of the machine and a metal removable insert from the front side for handling long materials.

The standard surface of the working surface is equipped with anodized lamellae of complex shape for perfectly clean cutting of both the front and the back of the material. Also optionally you can install a cellular table.

Protection of the lower exhaust window using a pyramidal protective mesh allows you to not block the outflow of smoke drop-down parts.

The upper exhaust window is located above the working area to protect the optics during engraving and minimal cooling of the lens by air flow.

All mechanical components are made of anodized aluminum.

All elements of the X and Y axes are regulated in six planes, the Z axis in three planes.

Nozzles are easy to change under the desired material without any problems, and without replacing the optics inside.

The entire working area is illuminated by a bright waterproof diode backlight. Raylogic V12

laser machines are equipped with Leadshine smooth three-phase stepping motors with a rotor angle of 1.2 degrees per step. The drive data has been tested by time, it ensures the accuracy of step division and long-term operational reliability.

The installed shafts along the Y axis are shortened and connected by elastic plate-type sleeves of directional bending for damping any oscillations. The seat of the gearbox is reinforced with a metal insert.

The machine is controlled by a Ruida system based on Linux OS with Russified Rdworks for Windows software and a convenient plug-in for CorelDraw.
Not unimportant role in the moving parts of laser machines Raylogic V12, played by German electric cables Helukabel. They are located in special cable channels connected to stepper motors and all electronics.

Reliability and quality of electronics assembly provide components of the French company Shneider.

Precise positioning for repetition; Omron manufacturer's contactless end sensors perform.
Adjacent to it, the relay of automatic switching of the Y axis to a circular engraving device makes it possible not to think about switching connectors and complex wiring. The hood is turned on when the task starts, and is turned off by timer. This function ensures complete removal of combustion products from the workspace.

The laser tube is located on two rubber adjustable supports and easily changes to a more powerful and long.

For igniting the laser tube, an Ampetech power supply unit with a long service life, an electronic circuit protected from breakdowns and high-power transformers is responsible.

Under the compartment with a tube is a sensor control the flow of coolant.
On the back and front panel you can see a milliammeter, USB ports, Ethernet, power buttons.

The emergency shutdown button is located on the top panel, under the operator’s right hand.
Fixing supports are equipped with non-skid polyurethane washers with cross notch, threaded places and their fastenings to the stand are boiled with special reinforcements.

On the stands under the machine are powerful wheels with rigid locking fixation. This is done to ensure that during the work the product does not swing, even without twisted support legs.

In our opinion, the manufacturer Raylogic have done significant work to improve their machines. Gathering all the best solutions for constructive machine tools, electronic reliability, and rigidity of the whole structure as a whole.
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