Samsung Corporation introduced terabyte SSD "for all"

    Until recently, SSDs seemed expensive exotic, accessible only to the “chosen ones”, so to speak. In fact, not very reliable drives were sold at sky-high prices that scared away the middle hand of the buyer. Now SSDs are equipped not only with elite models of laptops and desktop PCs, but also with middle-hand models, and even some budget laptops / netbooks. Of course, SSDs are becoming more popular, which means they are more numerous and, therefore, more and more inexpensive. The other day, Samsung has introduced a range of SSDs with volumes up to a terabyte. These drives are positioned as "SSD for all."

    The model range was called the SSD 840 EVO, and it was created using 10-nm class technology. This made the new SSD models twice as fast as the previous generation of drives, with a write speed of 520 Mb / s (we are talking about the 250GB 840 EVO SSD). As for the younger model, 120GB 840 EVO SSD, here the write speed is 410 Mb / s, which is three times faster than in the case of the previous generation SSD model of the same size.

    As for the older model, 1TB 840 EVO SSD, the read / write speeds are also rather big, 540 and 520 Mb / s, respectively. As for the cost of models, all this is not as expensive as before. The price range is as follows: 120GB SSD - $ 109.99, 250GB - $ 189.99, 500GB - $ 369.99, 750GB - $ 529.99 and and 1TB - $ 649.99. New SSDs will be available as early as August.

    Of course, hard drives of the same size are much cheaper, but they are far from being so fast. At Samsung, at the presentation of the new SSD model, they said that the future for SSDs. Why? Well, SSDs are thin and lightweight, they can be embedded in many form factors of mobile devices, netbooks, laptops. SSD is constantly ready for work, consumes less energy than a hard drive, has no moving parts.

    As if everything is logical and understandable. It remains only to wait until the cost of SSD still compares with the price of capacious hard drives.

    Via dvice

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