Arduino Robot: an open platform for building robots

    Arduino has announced a new family of engineering boards and has released a ready-made Arduino Robot to build robots. As usual, the designer does not require soldering; it is assembled without special tools. The whole system is open, easily programmable via USB and supports the connection of a variety of peripheral devices. The central display is connected to the upper control board.

    The round Arduino Robot with a height of about 10 cm and a diameter of about 19 cm looks like a robot vacuum cleaner, but in fact these are two system boards (control and motor), each of which works on the ATmega32u4 microcontroller and supports the connection of various equipment.

    Control board

    Motor board

    To program the robot, Arduino software is required, for more details see the beginner's guide and examples .

    Sales of the designer will begin in July at $ 275.

    In addition to the designer Arduino Robot, the production of engineering boards for robotics begins. The first board in the set is Arduino Yún ($ 69) with WiFi support running Linino, a special version of OpenWRT firmware. This board can be controlled wirelessly, and it already supports more than 100 software interfaces for accessing Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, FedEx, and other web services.

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