For the sake of new gTLDs, Google will kill subdomains

    Recently, Matt Cutts, one of Google’s leading experts, announced that the search algorithm will be changed soon. After issuing about four search results from any second-level domain, the number of links to the same domain on the following pages will be limited.

    Currently, the limit on the number of search results returned from one domain exists only for the first page. Those. you are unlikely to see more than two links to the same domain on the first page, but there may be many more on subsequent pages.

    This reform is a serious blow to everyone who sells third-level domains, as well as to the owners of the subdomains themselves. At the same time, this is good news for administrators of new domain zones (New gTLDs) and their clients. Companies providing third-level domain registration services simply will not be able to compete with them.

    Note that Google itself has applied for registration of more than a hundred new domain zones, so do not exclude the personal interest of the company.

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