Google Glass in action (video)

    Despite many tens and hundreds of articles and news about Google Glass, not many people who did not wear these “glasses” understand how everything works. Yes, there are several videos on YouTube that show the performance of glasses, but good videos are a minimum. I came across a video, the author of which tried to convey the principle of the glasses as realistic as possible. And it seems like he did it.

    The video is shown as if you yourself carry this mini-computer, controlling it in different ways. For complete realism of what is happening, the authors put on glasses on the camera, and took everything that turns out. The glasses were controlled by voice, launching the photo / video receiving functions, plus a call on Google+ Hangout.

    Among other things, the authors of the video launched a voice search to check the exchange rate, to check prices, translate text and more. In general, the video really turned out to be of high quality.

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