Google congratulates everyone on Webmaster Day with a new rendering engine

    Of course, the webmaster’s day didn’t come yet in the USA, but for the holiday the Internet giant prepared perfectly , with a peculiar cynical sense of humor (the news of YT closing on April 1 demonstrates this). So, meet: Google Blink is a fundamentally new rendering engine for Google Chrome.

    Since sarcasm is enough for today, then to the point:
    • Blink is an open source engine, of which Google, of course, becomes the maintainer.
    • Blink is essentially the same forked WebKit. Google has already replaced the lion part of the Apple WebKit internals from the upstream (the same V8, Skia, there are no network stack in the upstream), so replacing the engine itself is the expected move
    • For web developers, they promise that they won’t even notice the transition at first.

    You can, of course, consider the reason for the transition that WebKit has a major defect - it was not made by Google, but Adam Bart, familiar to many from numerous commits in WebKit, says that the fact is that the multiprocessing model in Chromium has become too complex to pull legacy code from the main WebKit, so the decision was made to final fork the engine. In the process of getting rid of Legacy, 4.5 million lines of code were thrown.

    Key points of interest to developers:
    • Google will not use proprietary prefixes for specifications being developed. The spec will be used by Blink developers without a prefix, but hidden. To activate, you will have to either include spec in experimental parameters or through the command line
    • New HTML / CSS / JS specifications will be introduced in accordance with the Chromium function panel
    • The new engine allows painless googlers to introduce a feature that allows you to run parts of one page in different processes
    • Porting the DOM to JavaScript. In theory, the work of the DOM should become much faster than in WebKit itself
    • Finally, they will deal with memory leaks by removing the ScriptValue / ScriptState abstractions that WebKit needed for two different JS runtime engines

    Details in the record developers Chromium .
    The bug tracker remains standard from Chromium .
    Pick-compile here .
    If you are fired to use Blink in your projects, then there is a little disappointment, because the engine is too tightly tied to the Chromium code base, so Blink is practically useless without it. However, it will be possible to use the lightest Chromium Embedded Framework .

    PS Linus Upson, known primarily for Google V8, said that the name of the engine is also not just chosen.
    The blink tag was one of the worst tags embedded in HTML, so we named the engine by the name of the tag, which is not supported by the engine. So, for example, we called our flagship Chromebook Pixel, because we tried to make the pixel invisible. So many veterans of web development will remember the past and laugh at what finally left.

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