About work in Germany

    In this article, I will talk about how it actually works in Germany, what colleagues come across, what combinations turn German corporations, for competent cutting of dough. Combinations that many of our officials would be worth learning from.

    Unfortunately, I have never worked in small firms, so we will assume that all this applies to large companies. All I can say about myself is that I have already worked at 6 different AGs and absolutely all stages of evolution in Germany have passed: semi-annual practice at Daimler, the work of Werkstudent (Student work as a programmer), Junior, Middle, Senior.

    Also, when the water runs out, I will talk about real wages, expectations, and also touch on the topic of garbage that flows from many articles and videos, about working as a programmer in Germany. Most of what you can see and find on youtube about working as a developer in Germany are stories of people who have either been here for a couple of years, have never been here before, or are simply in some kind of fabulous inadequate.

    And I will begin with colleagues who will meet you everywhere - light Russophobes.

    Easy form of Russophobia

    In fact, the emphasis here is on the word phobia. Most of them are pretty sweet colleagues, Democrats or greens. These people do not even know about their phobias towards Russia and even say more they all consider themselves to be fighters against racism and treat minorities well.
    What do you think, what will happen if I ask a black worker in Germany: “Hey Mustafa, have you eaten your bananas in the morning today?”

    But trust me with jokes and hints about vodka, bears walking around the Kremlin, you will hear plenty. None of this is likely to be said to you with anger, but the one-sided thinking about Russia, even in subring, is sometimes terribly annoying. And I can not understand why a joke about vodka is not considered racism?

    The wildest thing I've heard is that some of these people are really afraid of the Russian attack.

    Severe Russophobia

    Very rarely, but there are such people, they are not joking about Russia, they generally try to ignore everything connected with you. What is good usually with these people is a bad relationship with everyone. You should not even bother with them, if there are any problems affecting the work, you can immediately turn to the higher ones. Also, at the end I will tell you what all Germans are afraid of and how all problems can be solved - no, not by force.

    Robotic workers

    Workers with disabled neural network function. Serrated, seasoned Scrum fans - step left, step right shooting. These workers do not understand any words, rational actions, except those that were hammered into them at courses or at an institute. They are not learnable and always follow the same consistent logic. This is such a person a means, if he is hammered from his youth that he needs to shoot, he will shoot - they are subordinate only to Scrum Masters and reluctantly superior ones.

    Donald Trump admirers

    This is a part of colleagues who treats people from the former USSR with the greatest respect, they are conservative, often occupy leadership positions. People of the old school, consider people from the category “Mild Russophobia” naive. Do not like anything related to refactoring. Any attempts to change direction, heavy Scrum trends or something else are perceived by them as attempts to overthrow, after which phrases like: “Do you always get money exactly at the end of the month?”, “On the street, everyone wants to work a couple of hours a day and receive that kind of money. ”,“ We ​​spent 1000 euros per hour for talking, the client pays us not for talking. ”

    I think any other descriptions of workers that you will meet will strongly coincide with peers from any other points of the globe. These are all the same typical representatives of programmers and developers. Let me just say that the overall attitude to people from the post-Soviet space in Germany’s IT field is quite good.

    Great combinations

    And then Ostap suffered, he would have sat down and no longer wanted to go to Brazil.
    This is a great scheme that many corporations use, it is brilliant in all respects. So imagine that there is a firm “A”, let's call it as it is now accepted “Evil Corporation”, this firm has some connections in the government, receives a small part of the budget money and has a bunch of bonuses that ordinary firms do not have small and medium businesses. Now imagine that there is a second company “Corporation of Cool Developers” - the developers are simply assembled there, they are not even always cool and their company is friends or, better said, has connections / contracts with the “Corporation of Evil”. And then there is the Third Corporation, let's call it the “Corporation of Developers” - it is the same as the “Corporation of Cool Developers”, but it does not have connections with the “Corporation of Evil”, it has only connections with the “Corporation of Cool Developers”.

    And now the top manager of the firm “A” sees that the firm has a lot of extra money and the government can ask why so much money is not used. And the top manager decides what needs to be built, for a free couple of millions in the budget (And it’s impossible to withdraw this money anywhere except in some projects), but he decides to start developing modules for teleportation. Everyone needs teleportation, it is easier to get there, and colleagues from a dozen other firms from “Evil Corporation 1” to “Evil Corporation 10” will want to have such technologies at their disposal. Firm A has no free developers. They call the “Cool Developers Corporation” and talk about their plans. The tough guys from Company B are getting together, the future Product Owner calls the Architect to him and says, this is how the program is needed. The architect says the pier will write one Teleportation module for the month, several have already been written on the market. The future Product Owner caught everything, calls back to the “Evil Corporation” and says that it takes a year, six cool developers and a salary each from 100 euros per hour, plus 200.000 to the company for services. “Evil Corporation” breaks down a bit for the species, although they are not at all interested in this money and they sign a contract. In the “Cool Developers Corporation”, almost all employees are already employed in “Evil Corporation 5” and there is a big lack of resources. although they are not at all interested in this money and they sign a contract. In the “Cool Developers Corporation”, almost all employees are already employed in “Evil Corporation 5” and there is a big lack of resources. although they are not at all interested in this money and they sign a contract. In the “Cool Developers Corporation”, almost all employees are already employed in “Evil Corporation 5” and there is a big lack of resources.

    “Cool Developers Corporation” calls the “Developers Corporation” and says that they need three developers for a cool project. As a result, they agree that the “Corporation of Developers” receives 50,000 euros for the project and the Cool Developers Corporation will pay 70 euros per hour for each employee, which brings the “Corporation of Developers” another 200,000 of income, since they pay developers only 30 euro per hour, but the “Cool Developers Corporation” does not remain in the loser, because to their three developers they pay 50 euros per hour, but will receive from the “Evil Corporation” 100 euros per hour of work.

    The project “Teleportation” from the “Corporation of Cool Developers” includes one cool specialist, one medium and one low qualification, but even the lowest one has the position of Senior Developer - because so the “Corporation of Evil” will not have any questions. From the “Cool Developers”, too, three and all three had previously worked in other languages, and in general they are not very special or not at all familiar with the technologies on which “Teleportation” will be written.

    PO every three months says that we don’t have time for everything and need more funds, although the Developers are ahead of deadlines, and the guys from the “Cool Developers Corporation” have long been thrown on the project and play half a day in Kicker.

    It takes a year, the program is done, they have done it with difficulty, but the “Evil Corporation” is happy with everything. PO asks for more money, a new plugin for the module needs twice as much money as teleportation. Although the project is so mastered that any of the “Corporation of Developers” can write a program on one.

    And here they again agree on the contract, only in the amount of two times more.

    The moral of this story is that everyone in the food chain is happy!

    Five developers have increased their knowledge and become cool developers. The one that was already the coolest, began to cost more, but like the others.

    The Corporation of Cool Developers has strengthened ties in two directions and cut off a lot of money. “Developer Corporation” strengthened ties in one direction and also cut down a lot of money. All corporations raised their salaries - everyone is happy. “Evil Corporation” received a work program and began negotiations on the program with “Evil Corporation 8” and “Evil Corporation 12”, and also strengthened relations with “Cool Developers Corporation”.

    Well, where do all the others look? How can you cut the loot in front of everyone? The trouble is that there was no negative element in this combination, the budget for schools or hospitals was not cut anywhere. Doctors get twice as much money in an hour as the coolest developer from the “Cool Developers Corporation”, and the least not the coolest developer from the “Developers Corporation” gets more money in a day than most teachers in the post-Soviet space in a month. The government is satisfied that large companies invest money in the market and thereby open new jobs.

    Great Combination 2

    A little closer in spirit to our combinations, about how to create money from nothing.
    Let this time be the “Great Corporation of Evil” and it will be in different cities of Germany, where its branches are opened. And here in one of branches the cool Director came. Not without charisma he told about great plans, new technologies and cool developers of the main office, which still worked with JSP, ANT, etc. Those approved and allocated a budget of a couple of million for new developers. The director, let's call him “the Great Combinator”, called his colleagues with whom he worked for the last 20 years and assembled a magnificent seven, each of whom had been working for a long time with “Freelancer” / Extern. As the budget allowed, he gave everyone 15 thousand a month salary and he set himself a pretty six-figure sum per year. But the money for the year will go away and you need to do something. Began to develop the program for the old client. The client was very cool - the client was still working on Internet Explorer 6, The client’s site looked like a terrible copy of the first attempt to write a site on narod.ru 20 years ago. But in some strange way the client was a billion-dollar corporation engaged in finance even during the development of the ninth legion of the lands of the future Great Britain. Let's call this office “BC”.

    “The Great Combinator” calls a steep Programmer from the magnificent seven to his office and says, after 3 days, the presentation for “Before R. X” let's make the first page of their website for iOS. The programmer, as always answered: “no question” and by the evening had already shown the iPad version of the first page. Cool, the Director thought, and asked if the Programmer could make the whole page Drag And Drop. “Not a question” - and the next morning the whole first page was DragAndDrop.
    The clients from “Before R. X” came - somehow they managed to convince them to allocate a large seven-digit amount for the further development of the program, but under iOS they don’t need the program and the main thing is that the program also goes under Internet Explorer 6.

    “The Great Combinator” silently spun to his temple and dialed the telephone number of the main office of the “Great Evil Corporation”. He informs them rainbow news by agreement with the client, and also says that there are ideas and technologies (programmed in 2 hours) that all our websites can translate under iOS, and even DragAndDrop gadgets everywhere. A delegation is coming out of the “Great Evil Corporation”, they come, joke with the workers, play Kicker, thump a couple of days - in the literal sense of the word, they are shown the super development of “DragAndDrop” - they allocate millions more and happy after hanging out, they leave for themselves back . As a result, the “Great Combinator” for the needs of itself and around itself creates a gigantic budget without developing anything new. The “Great Combinator” gradually begins to seize power in the main office,

    As a result, the “Great Combinator” begins to receive truly big money in the role of technical director of the main office. The magnificent seven, for a couple of years, the transformation of a regular site received space fees. “Great Evil Corporation” is pleased with everything, because this is only one of 100 projects for ticks and presentations. Well, the company “Before R.Kh.” received a new site still working on internet explorer 6, expelled the unmeasured grandmothers of the “Great Evil Corporation” for the development and continued to continue to exist in an unintelligible way in some universe of its own.


    Well, now let's talk about the main thing, why can a sane person go to an article about Germany? Of course, that would find out the potential salary.

    You graduated from university, training, just retrained and want to get a Junior developer. I will immediately say an interesting point, of course there is a distribution by technology - you go to work on Java, PHP or Python. But the best thing you should have in your documents is not Java Junior Developer, but Software Junior Developer.

    Well, it is also important to consider the place where you are looking for work, so Munich will be paid much better than the rest of Germany. An important factor in the salary is the name of the Firm.

    Well, let's talk about salaries in Munich:

    Junior Developer's salary is between 40,000 and 50,000 euros per year. Anything lower is either because of a very specific job or you are simply being used. 40-42 is quite an adequate amount for many firms. 45k I would say that this is a very good level for the junior. 48-50k receive only in the top firms with a good ending Uni.

    40k per year (tax class: 1), an employee without children and a wife will receive approximately 2100 euro net per month.

    50k per year (tax class: 3), an employee with a child and a wife will receive approximately 2866 euro net.

    Salary Developer (Middle) is between 45k and 60k euros per year. If your salary is lower than 45k euros per year, you are clearly doing something wrong during your work. The salary in 60k is again a very high level and it is worth noting the level of the company, because 60k is how much senor receives in most firms.

    The salary of a beginner senior lies between 55k and 75k per year.

    Once again for all who went to rub their hands - the upper limit is the top salary. For Junior and Middle, they depend on the companies you are employed in, for example BMW, and also on how you graduated from the university. But with Senior a little more interesting, the company naturally matters, but the rest is more likely depends on how you sell yourself. Junior can not sell themselves more expensive, for it makes a diploma. The seigneur, depending on the strength of his eggs, sells himself into possession, receiving as much as possible in return. I think, taking into account the number of firms, about 1% of the total number of employees receive such a salary. So you need to focus on the middle ground.

    What is the development of the path after the Senor? Any office has its own chips, someone puts the next step after the Seigneur - Architect, but there are a lot of companies where the title of Architect is generally a separate specialty in which you don’t even need to be able to program. There are companies where Seniors are divided into, say, 5 different ranks, and with the release of a certain number of years or with the training of some programs, you are again promoted. Somewhere the next step may be Team Lead, somewhere Technical Direktor, and somewhere ... a lot of options.

    How to raise wages?

    Inside one company, salary increases are very smooth, the maximum salary increase that I had at one company was 5 thousand euros per year. So sadly, the best way to raise wages is to find a new employer and quit.

    Jumping between corporations can be done just fantastic. If you really were valuable, then you may want to keep and even possibly offer an appropriate salary, but under an hour, no matter how valuable you are in fact or only from your point of view, your former employer absolutely doesn’t care about it; same worker and will perform the same tasks.

    Now I will touch on other topics a bit, and also go through some YouTube videos without specifying names.

    If you are only going to Germany, then during the interview you should always be clear about how much your employer wants to bend, I could certainly express myself a little softer and say “deceive”, but this would not be true. In one of the videos, I heard that a person has 21 days of vacation, this is supposedly the minimum under the law. I don’t know if this is so, but any of you should understand that a vacation of less than 30 days means that the company in which you are going to work cannot be a good place to work. And here you are, if you are a junior or for some personal reason running away from one of the countries of the former CIS, you must decide for yourself how much you give yourself to be deceived for the sake of work.

    Also in Germany, it cannot be a good place to work, where during your illness you are charged only 50% of your salary.

    If the work you do not burn in terms of life and death, look carefully with whom you will work. If you see that Team Lead speaks a Bavarian or Swabian accent, imagine how hard it will be for you to work in terms of understanding, even if German is not your weakest side.

    You should have criteria by which you mentally immediately get up and leave - if you are tormented for 2 hours at an interview with stupid questions about what these or other too specific things mean that you use in the code once a year and then it does for you Intellij or stackoverflow, then you must clearly understand that with this approach and with such a dolbinator you will have to work.

    I repeat, everyone has his own such criteria, remember all Tim Lida, came to work a couple of hours ago, took a look at most of your paper between viewing messages on Facebook and mentally wrote a few questions, the very ones that half a year ago they received during such same job interviews.

    If suddenly the company where you work, 13 or 14 salaries, the so-called Christmas and holiday allowance. Make sure that you understand the payment scheme, will be the salary that you have in the contract for the year divided by 13, 14, or to that salary, on the contrary, two monthly payments will be added. Misunderstanding, you can miss a decent amount per month.

    And finally

    What are the Germans afraid of? Employees, companies, police, but anyone - everyone is afraid of the court!
    Not once read any story on the habr, the boss told someone that he was a fool - here you can immediately sue. A hint of sexual harassment at work, they gave you the wrong job described in the contract, they try to fire you for reasons not related to work, and even in such simple situations, if instead of Mahnung (debt reminder) you were sent by Inkasso or You stopped the police, because recruits are trained to look for drug dealers at the station. Naturally for a start it is enough just to threaten. Most of the refugees do the same thing, so that they are not sent back from here - they pass dozens of ships, and a huge amount of budget funds are spent on it. In Germany, this is a huge vicious circle from which everyone suffers. I think everyone has heard about the story, when a couple of years ago, on New Year's Eve at the station in Cologne, people from North Africa and some Arab countries were soliciting a huge number of women. At that time there were about 200 policemen at the station, but not one of the policemen didn’t get a gun. The reason for this lies in the fact that he would then have to prove to the courts whether the use of weapons was justified and whether it was impossible to avoid it.

    Yutubers wanting to be Lida

    A couple of phrases and professionals of the English language, the Germans put their Team Lead not because they are their own, but because even if you work at an English-speaking company you are still in Germany. And a person who does not understand such a simple truth cannot control people, therefore, they “marinate” you further in the rank of a developer. You want to manage people learn the language of people you want to manage.

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