Video digest of the latest gaming industry news | Geek Week No. 4

    Good day, beloved and dear visitors of Habrababr! And again, a week has passed, which means that another issue of our news video digest Geek Week is in a hurry to your screens! We, as always, will consider all the most significant and interesting events in the gaming industry over the past week. Happy viewing!

    Today in the issue:
    • Crysis 3 - a flurry of news;
    • Warhammer Fantasy - a new game from Creative Assembly;
    • Agent - how projects die;
    • Spike TV Video Game Awards - results and announcements;
    • BioShock - a new release date for Infinite and some information about the version of the game for PS Vita;
    • And also, briefly about the anniversary of Quake 2, the loss of Epic Games, the long-awaited continuation of the Corsairs series and again about Peter Molyneux.

    The most interesting for the last week:
    • Broadcasting of the Video Game Awards ceremony with comments by Nikita Sergeyevich, Dmitry Didenko and Pavel Gorokhovsky;
    • All the news in the Sony digital store can be found in the latest issue of the PSN Update by Arthur Blyzen;
    • Exclusive video preview of the Warside game from the Moscow studio Kraken Games;
    • Dmitry Didenko and Alexander Sedykh spoke in detail about one of the most amazing games of this year - Far Cry 3.

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