The book “Application Development for Windows 8 in C #” is available for download

    The first Russian-language book on the development of Windows Store applications in C # became available for free download .
    You can download a PDF version of this book online:
    Also, you can buy the paper version on OZON.RU .
    The authors of the book: I ( WizardBox ), Atreides07 and kichik .

    A few months ago I already published a post on Habr about how other colleagues wrote a book on developing applications for Windows Phone 7.5. There, the process of writing a book is covered in sufficient detail. Based on the results of this post, we decided not only to write another book, but also to make the new book available for free for download from the moment it is published.

    We hope that the book on developing applications for Windows 8 will be useful, and in the Windows Store there will be many new interesting applications that will bring profit to their authors!

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