M2M solutions of the big three


    In the light of a recently published post describing the concept of flow control for a large number of SIM cards, the question arose - why is this necessary if there are m2m portals.
    I would like to briefly go over the solutions available on the m2 m2 market.

    At the moment, MTS and Beeline have the most complete solutions, Megafon is working on a solution and promises to release it by the end of the year.


    The solution exists a little over a year, was developed on its own according to the technical requirements of Russian customers.
    The start page looks like this

    • SIM cards - a page of summary information for all SIM with parameters
    • limits - work with limit rules
    • notifications - event log (triggered limits and locks)
    • reports - expense report templates, single and group
    • users - institution of system users and distribution of access rights
    • settings - the ability to create custom fields (properties for SIM cards)

    This is the section for managing a specific SIM card


    From the pros:

    • the ability to control four types of traffic: data transfer, voice, csd, sms
    • Separate setting of limit rules for each type of traffic
    • blocking only the channel over which the limit is exceeded
    • API availability
    • the possibility of establishing an existing numbering capacity on the portal

    Of the disadvantages

    • Private apn data transfer control does not work
    • you cannot manage regional contracts from a single window (separate credentials)
    • not convenient event reports
    • unfinished interface


    The solution of the company Jasper Wireless is used, it has been developing for several years. A
    detailed description of the system was here .
    Of the pros

    • an order of magnitude more capabilities for managing a specific sim than MTS
    • Separate setting of limit rules for each type of traffic
    • API availability

    Of the disadvantages

    • the inability to connect an existing numbering capacity
    • numbers only in the code 968 and 089
    • difficulty in setting limit rules
    • the solution is not adapted to Russian realities (voice and csd are not controlled)
    • very long process of refinement


    Until the last moment, for some reason, I was not puzzled by the development of this direction.
    It has at the moment the ability to carry out locks, unlocks and requests for the status of SIM cards through https requests with parameters in the form of a SIM card sid and command id.

    Objectively evaluating the available solutions, the solutions closest to our realities are from MTS, as It was originally developed to meet the needs of our users, but this is just my opinion.

    It is worth noting that in a small volume on our market of m2m of services there are such operators as Vodafone, Orange and Telenor, but using their services with their own SIM cards will be beneficial only to those companies whose SIM cards are located for a long time abroad - for example international logistics.
    Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages, and most companies with a not very large SIM card contract will do, but implementation gaps make us think of alternative ways to control SIM accounts in addition to this, especially since each operator has them.

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