Console comfort

      It just so happened that I had to sit for quite a long time in the black and black console of my beloved Debian GNU / Linux.
      The console is good for everyone, but some of the little things that I got used to in ordinary DE were sorely lacking.
      So, for example, on the one hand, the specifics of my work always demanded to know the current time and, according to this time, direct my further actions. And on the other hand, the fascinating work and the pleasant green font of the console knocked down my internal clock.
     It was decided to provide yourself with the clock (and in the future with other information) on the console anytime, anywhere.

     The task was very simple. I wrote a small daemon that displays the current time and load average in the upper right corner of the console.
It would seem that all? I guess, yes. All.
     True, I thought that maybe this demon might be useful to someone else (well, or at least interesting), so I cultivated the code and put it under the GPL in the public domain.
     According to the principle of "release early release often" I published what I have. Currently, the daemon can display time, uptime and load average. The data set is configured when the daemon starts using parameters.

Everything is simple.

If you have questions, suggestions or (and suddenly ?!) objections, then I am always open for communication.

Sources can be downloaded here:

If suddenly anyone is interested in how the daemon works, but there is no desire to parse the code, then the main functionality is this:
if((fd = open("/dev/vcs", O_WRONLY)) < 0)
	show_error("Have no rights to write to /dev/vcs");
lseek(fd, cols - total_len, 0);
write(fd, total_res, total_len);

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