Digital events in Moscow from 2 to 8 July

    A selection of key events in Moscow for the week.


    Design solution for the urban environment. Workshop

    • July 4 (Wednesday) - July 07 (Saturday)
    • Strelka, Bersenevskaya Embankment 14c5A
    • 9 500 r.
    • Learn how to create large-scale projects - from concept to selection of materials and construction - under the guidance of members of the London Association of Artists, Architects and Designers STORE.

    Mitap about negotiations about discounts

    • July 5th (Thursday)
    • Turchaninov lane 6c2
    • is free
    • Agreeing about a discount from the deputy director of the bank is not at all the same as with a consultant in an electronics store or a car dealer.

    On July 5, at the HFLabs office, we will discuss major customers and discounts:

    - what if, after the conclusion of the contract, the client asks to revise the conditions;
    - what to do if the client considers your price too high;
    - how to ask for a discount from the supplier.

    Mitap will be conducted by HFLabs key clients: Konstantin Stepanov and Nikita Nazarov. During their time at the company, they closed deals worth 1.5 billion rubles. Konstantin and Nikita negotiate with top managers of banks, insurance and telecom companies every day.
    Come share experiences.
    Participation fee: a story about discounts from your negotiation experience. Five to ten minutes will suffice, but be sure to talk about complex, large customers and deals.

    STORK 2018

    • July 5 (Thursday) - July 07 (Saturday)
    • B. Semenovskaya 38
    • from 1,500 r.
    • STORK is a series of scientific conferences devoted to the Analysis of Images, Networks and Texts.

    DIYorDIE Meetup

    • July 07 (Saturday)
    • MailRu, Leningradsky Avenue 39с79
    • is free
    • Mail.Ru Group DIY community - developers who do cool and unexpected things in their free time. For example, "smart home and smart watches"; "Embrace"; FLIR Lepton thermal imager with your own hands; "Electric bicycles" and much more. Periodically, we are going to share our developments and share experiences with the same enthusiasts.

    Machine learning training

    • July 07 (Saturday)
    • Leo Tolstoy 16
    • is free
    • Every two weeks in Yandex are trained in machine learning. These meetings help participants in data analysis competitions communicate and exchange experiences.

    How to watch pictures?

    • July 08 (Sunday)
    • Course lane 17s1
    • 1,500 r.
    • Is it possible to learn painting in a couple of hours? Of course not. But you can adjust the eye to notice what previously could not, and learn the main laws and principles on which the artistic genres live. And with the help of this toolkit it is easy to go further - to the museum or for deeper knowledge.

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