In addition to 5 free gigabytes, in Google Drive it will be possible to buy 20 GB for $ 4 per month (updated)

    A week ago, The Next Web announced the imminent launch of the Google Drive service. Today there was full information about this service - the French Google blog hastened to inform about its launch. Although the premature publication was quickly removed, TechCrunch found a copy of it .

    As it became known, Drive will allow you to open more than 30 types of documents directly in the browser, including video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, even if you do not have these applications installed. Drive will interact with your existing Google Docs account, but the amount of information in Docs will not count towards the Drive limit.

    The limit itself, as reported, will be 5 GB. If this is not enough, then it will be possible to purchase 20 GB for 4 dollars per month, up to a maximum of 16 TB. Drive is expected to be available to Google Apps administrators starting today — tomorrow. Google promises 99.9% uptime.

    The search function in Drive allows users to find documents by their type, owner and other parameters. If the document was scanned and recognized using OCR, the search will be able to search in the text itself. In the future, image search will also be available.

    The official launch of Google Drive is expected within the next few hours. The Next Web notes that Google seems to be more focused on and other professional file storage services, rather than services like Dropbox.

    UPD After the publication of the topic, I found in my mailbox a notification from the Wuala service stating that it is now possible to store in it not 2 GB, but 5 for free. It is alleged that this is in honor of the third anniversary of the union with LaCie.

    UPD 2. Service officially presented : . Regarding prices, the following is said: “If this amount is not enough for you, it can be expanded up to 25 GB with a monthly payment of $ 2.49, up to 100 GB for $ 4.99 per month, and even up to 1 TB for $ 49.99 per month".

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