Desurium client published under GPL v3

    As promised , the Desura Linux client developers posted the client program source code under a free license. The project is called Desurium and is hosted on github. The official announcement of this event will probably take place on Monday, but it can already be concluded that the developers have chosen the Chrome / Chromium model, that is, they will support two versions: one part is open, and the other part with corporate trademarks - under a commercial license.

    One way or another, but at the moment, Desurium is the only free distribution platform for games. This is its advantage over Steam from Valve Corporation, although Desura developers themselves do not talk about competition, but rather try to “complement” Steam.

    Desura specializes in independent games. Now in the catalog there are 110 games for Linux, of which 33 are free.

    For comparison, Steam has 1504 games and 40 million active accounts in the catalog. The largest publishers are located there, including Activision, Rockstar Games, 2K Games, Sega.

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