6 startups announced that will receive grants from Milner and Durov

    Three weeks ago, on the hub, they already wrote that Milner and Durov would give out grants in the amount of 25 thousand dollars, while not demanding anything in return.
    And now in the StartFellows project group 6 startups have been announced that will receive this grant:

    vnimanietv.ru - award in the field of educational video lectures;

    budist.ru - social alarm clock;

    sandsign.ru - signatures in the sand;

    wheely.com - a service for ordering and tracking a taxi;

    tjournal.ru - a newspaper, built on an automatic analysis of the Russian-speaking audience of Twitter;

    drugdrugu.ru - a social network, bringing people together on the principle of "I want / I can."

    It is reported that about 2,000 letters were sent and not all applications have yet been processed.
    Judging by the first winners, preference is given to live projects.

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