Evernote Clearly Now Available For Firefox

    Evernote Clearly, our browser extension that allows you to create a comfortable environment for reading articles and blogs on the Internet, is now available for Firefox.

    Install Evernote Clearly »

    How it works

    When you visit a site with information of interest, click on the Clearly icon (stylized desk lamp) in the browser panel. The web page will be transformed - all distracting elements will be deleted, only the content that you want to read will remain. When you are done, click on the icon again and you will return to the normal page view.

    With Clearly, you can focus on reading without being distracted by anything else.

    Save to Evernote
    If you don’t have time to read the full story, simply click on the Evernote icon in the Clearly sidebar and save the article in Evernote. In the settings, you can also set a label that will be assigned to all copied articles.

    Splicing pages
    Now you do not have to click on links to go to the next page of the article - Clearly will combine all the pages into a single text.

    In Clearly, from the very beginning, there are already three ready-made themes for presenting text: “printed,” “simple,” and “midnight.” If you wish, you can customize your own theme in the settings.

    Ridding you of the secondary information on the pages, Clearly makes reading on the Internet really convenient and enjoyable. We hope you enjoy the extension.

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