Mi-one new Xiaomi smartphone

    So far, there are not many articles on the hub that are dedicated to MIUI or Xiaomi , but I am sure that this will change soon, because these people were able to make truly amazing.

    I won’t go too deep into history and I’ll just say that MIUI started as a normal custom firmware for Android with an unusual interface. Developed by her guys from China. At the same time, the changed Android interface in this firmware, to put it mildly, resembles the interface of the notorious phone on "i".

    So, these same guys decided that the firmware was firmware, but the phone is better and, having called Xiaomi, they released the phone. The device is called MI-One and has very good characteristics that allow it to be attributed to the flagships of the Android smartphone market.


    Let's start with what will be most interesting to the habrayuzer: with the characteristics. And they are very impressive with the new smartphone.

    The size
    125 * 63 * 11.9 (mm)
    Sharp 4 ″ (480 x 854)
    Snapdragon S3 (MSM8260)
    2 cores 1.5GHz
    RAM - 1GB
    ROM - 4GB
    Graphics Accelerator
    266MHz Adreno 220
    Radio module
    WiFi and Bluetooth
    So far, without specifying a version
    3 capacitive buttons.
    The microUSB connector is located on the side of the device.
    The power button is also on the side.
    MI-Button - a button on which you can hang any application.
    Replaceable panels in different colors.
    Other accessories that appear after the device is launched for sale are possible.
    Bootloader is open by default (thanks to KollinZ for the tip)
    1999 yuan (9 000 rub.)

    As you can see, more than decent characteristics for a modern smartphone that allow you to compare it with HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy SII.

    But the main trump card of this device is its cost. At first, it was hard to believe, but this phone costs 1999 yuan, which in terms of rubles turns into 9,000. Even taking into account delivery and other extra charges, it will be possible to get the device for less than 15,000 rubles, which means Mi-one will almost 2 times cheaper than their competitors.

    Rethinking Android?

    It is under this slogan that the MIUI developers work, but if you look at the result ... Rethinking Android in i style?
    It seems that the Chinese have not yet known the patent wars and are confident that no one will notice anything, or are counting on the sale of their devices exclusively in China. In any case, such a rethinking looks more like copying, which is very difficult not to notice. Do we need it in this form? It will show the result of the first wave of device sales and the reaction from other companies, if any.

    A little thought

    Now it’s difficult to talk about any success of this device.
    Yes, cheap, yes, powerful, yes, stylish, but all these pluses have a downside.
    Cheapness from China is often fraught with reduced life. Power can cause overheating. And the style is too similar to the iPhone, which adds to the certification problems of the device. I sincerely doubt that we will ever see this smartphone on the counter of any Euroset or Svyaznoy, but maybe Mi-one will repeat the fate of Orange San Francisco, which they loved very much for its low price and decent quality?

    Some more details can be found in an interview with Lei Jun - the creator of Mi-one - link

    MIUI Russian community - miui.su

    Upd. sales startThe pre-order is scheduled for August 29th.
    Thanks, PrettySweetie , for the correction.

    Video presentation MIUI (MIUI - firmware used in Mi-one). Thank you, lukaville , for the Russian subtitles.

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