Amazon sells Kindle 3G with ads for $ 139

    Amazon has announced its intention to sell the Kindle reader at a lower price, $ 139 (instead of 189). But "cheap" readers will be equipped with an advertising system that fans of reading, who have decided to save on a gadget, will have to contemplate.

    For $ 139, the Kindle 3G will be sold as a result of an agreement between Amazon and AT&T Inc. In general, not all buyers are afraid of showing ads, and some decide to save those same 50 dollars. It seems that there will be craftsmen who can remove the display of advertising by equipping the device with self-made firmware, or by creating some kind of software for this purpose.

    For Amazon, this is not the first case of selling a device with "pre-installed ads" on the Kindle. Apparently, the scheme paid off, and now the company repeats its experience, offering new models of readers with built-in advertising. Back in May, Amazon was selling “promotional” Kindle pl $ 164, which is $ 25 cheaper than the cost of a standard Kindle 3G.

    In addition, in April, a Kindle with Wi-Fi could be bought for $ 114, which is $ 25 cheaper than the regular cost of this model. It is worth recalling that in 2007, readers from Amazon went on sale for $ 399.

    I wonder if we will have to sell any devices in a similar way?

    Via Yahoo

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