QAForum2011 - doctrine in battle or TeamLab as Pavlov’s dog

    imageThe courage of young TimLab knows no bounds. He now wanted extreme sports, and he agreed to become a guinea pig already for more than 100 testers from all over Russia. This attraction of unprecedented sacrifice will take place on July 16 in Nizhny Novgorod at an event with a long and clever name - the First international professional forum of experts on testing and quality control of software, and if shorter, then QAForum2011 .

    The program is built on the principle of an interactive master class with elements of competition. Divided into two teams, bug catchers will prove their ability to quickly and efficiently conduct TeamLab testing. The teams will be led by recognized gurus Natalya Rukol and Aleksey Barantsev, so the organizers of the event claim that our Timlaba will not be hurt.

    Each participant will be able to go beyond their responsibilities at work and learn from colleagues and mentors a bad new thing , having tried themselves in the role of a test manager, an automated engineer or a test designer. Judging by the declared nominations, the taste of victory will be felt by those who can determine the “most important bug”, “most bugs”, and who will put forward and implement the “most interesting idea”.

    And now, specific information containing many proper names:
    • participation has already been confirmed by employees of NKT CJSC, MERA, MFI Soft, Teleca, members of Russian regional communities for testing and quality control of software from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, as well as cities of Ukraine and Belarus ;
    • the general sponsor of the event is TeamLab , a web solution for organizing effective joint work and project management at Ascensio System SIA;
    • the event is sponsored by MFI Soft LLC, a developer of software products for building and protecting new generation communication networks;
    • The forum is organized by the QA Community (NN) community of testers .

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