Rambler unites user contacts


    Today, the combined company Afisha and Rambler launched the Rambler-Contacts communicator in public beta testing . The new product combines contacts from various Internet services and provides all the opportunities for communication - in one application.

    "Rambler-Contacts" allows the user to communicate through a single interface with friends from various social networks and instant messengers. Today it is VKontakte, Facebook, ICQ, Mail.ru Agent, Google Talk, Y.Online, QIP, Jabber. It doesn’t matter which account or service the message was sent to. If the user has connected their accounts to Rambler-Contacts, then he can always stay in touch.


    “While working on Contacts, we studied the user experience and thought about how to make their communication easier and more convenient,” says Ksenia Vasilevskaya, project manager at Rambler-Contacts . - To keep in touch with others, a person uses 3-4 platforms at the same time. Many have accounts at once in several social networks, several e-mail addresses, accounts in several instant messengers, sometimes several mobile phones. As a result, the user spends a lot of time navigating the Internet, instead of just talking. "Rambler" combines contacts from the most popular platforms in its application and will save the user time for communication. "

    Already in the beta version through the "Rambler-Contacts" you can exchange instant messages, read letters and reply to e-mails, send SMS. Also, users of the application can make online calls to each other with video support.

    The social and communication capabilities of the application will develop - already in the coming months there will be a number of new features. At the same time, there are no distracting user options like games in Rambler-Contacts .

    The strategy of the combined company is to create a single choice space for the user. The development of communication services is one of the foundations of the strategy. Communication is the basic need of the user on the Internet and helps him make a choice. Without modern communication tools, it is simply impossible to build a comfortable environment for the user.

    “Rambler-Contacts” enter the market, where the competition is very high, and users have clear ideas about how communication on the Internet works, ”says Ksenia Vasilevskaya. - We want our product to change these ideas. Therefore, we paid great attention to both technology and design, so that a person would like to spend time and communicate. ”

    Start using Rambler-ContactsYou can by downloading the application on the page contacts.rambler.ru and logging in through your account on Rambler. Beta version is available for users of the Windows operating system. Applications for Mac OS X and Linux will be presented shortly.

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