Intel Science Talent Search Winner Gets 17-Year-Old

    Intel and the non-profit organization Society for Science & the Public announced the winners of the Intel Science Talent Search contest, in which American students participate.

    The winner and winner of the $ 100,000 prize was 17-year-old Evan O'Dorney from Denville, California. His work consists in comparing two ways to calculate the square root of integers, as well as in solving some equations used to encrypt data.

    Michelle Hackman, also 17 years old, received the second prize and $ 75,000. Her work is devoted to the study of the psychological effect that occurs in adolescents, while depriving them of their favorite gadgets, such as mobile phones.

    Finally, third place and $ 50,000 went to 18-year-old Matthew Miller, whose work contains research on how small bulges (in the original “bumps”) on the surface of wind turbine blades can significantly increase their aerodynamics and increase the efficiency of power generation.

    In total, the winners received $ 630,000.

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