Critical Vulnerability in 40 Windows Applications

    It turns out that the bug in Apple iTunes for Windows , closed in version 9.1, turned out to be much more serious than anticipated. According to H. Di Moore (author of the famous Metasploit program), it is not exclusive to iTunes, but is present in about 40 other Windows programs, including the Windows shell, and Microsoft will not be able to close it with one patch. Each application will have to release a separate update.

    The names of the applications are not disclosed, so as not to give out an exploit creation mechanism. However, H. Di Moore noted that this bug is similar to a recently discovered vulnerability with Windows shortcuts by Belarusians , which was closed by an extraordinary patch.Microsoft on August 2. HMD Moore discovered a new vulnerability just when he was studying a bug with shortcuts. Here, an attacker can load .dll victims onto a machine after a user opens a “safe” file from a network drive. An attack is possible through a browser or other program, for example, office applications with embedded content.

    The protection recommendations are similar to the last time: blocking outgoing SMB (TCP ports 139 and 445) and disabling the WebDAV client.

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