Myna - online audio editor

    Recently, we often come across online services that replace us with conventional software. As a rule, this is a simple semblance of familiar to us programs, while accessible from any place where there is Internet access. Therefore, to reduce the size or image quality, we no longer need to install Photoshop - we have online alternatives. I was looking for something similar in the realm of sound. And here's what I came across:

    imageMyna is an online audio editor that allows you to easily download, record and compose (mix) audio files on the network, that is, directly in the browser. + service will include a set of free effects and samples (for non-commercial purposes).

    In addition, a very nice interface and at the moment the lack of analogues in the network. However, I would like to examine this service in more detail in order to find out what can make me use it and vice versa.

    What I want to do with the online audio editor:

    • cut / copy / paste pieces of an audio file;
    • convert to different audio formats;
    • apply simple effects (reverb, delays, etc);
    • use reverse / normalization / attenuation / etc.

    What allows me to do Myna :

    • use multiple tracks (multi-track mode, instead of the usual);
    • change bpm;
    • use sample libraries for non-commercial purposes;
    • all that I would like to do in this service, but ...

    What Myna is doing wrong:

    It is better to paint here not point by point, but to describe the whole situation and the problems that I encountered at the first use.

    The most basic inconvenience is the multi-track mode. That's where, where, but in the online editor I don't need it. I can’t imagine how I will be able to smoothly and clearly cut the track into pieces in order, for example, to cut out the chorus from there. In normal mode (in track editing mode) it would look more usability. On the other hand, we will lose almost the main feature of the service - the possibility of “gluing” samples to a mixdown. And we need it, in the online service, and even with libraries that cannot be used for commercial purposes? Of course, we can upload our own samples, but this creates unnecessary inconvenience. Move on. Let us still use samples, but another problem arose: if we put several samples in a row on a track, if you need to move the group of samples one distance from the beginning / end, we will find difficulties - it is not intended to drag samples in groups. In this form, libraries can generally be considered unnecessary. To this, you can add that during use (about 20 minutes), Firefox paused 2 times (once during a mixdown).


    I am grateful to the developers for this service, despite the fact that it has its own flaws. In general, he knows how to fulfill the main goals, but I would not spend time on this, because personally for me it will be easier to install an audio editor on a pc.

    Official demo:

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