Webprice.ru project overview or “Necessary things for good people”

    Nowadays, the concept of "deficit" has practically disappeared, and the main difficulty for the average citizen is now not to find and buy a thing, having stood a long queue, but to find a thing at a minimum price. The easiest way to do this is on the Web, because where else can you compare the cost of goods in several stores at once? Fortunately, the latest on the Internet is now also a huge amount. In order to make life easier for potential buyers, new services have appeared that show WHERE you can buy a product, AT WHAT PRICE you can buy it, and find out the KEY CHARACTERISTICS of the product. True, most of these services have a number of drawbacks - it often happens that by clicking on the specified link, we either don’t find the desired position at all, or we find, but at a price different from that shown by the intermediary service. Generally, At one time, we ourselves tried to use such services, but quickly realized that it was still easier to create our own service that would be free from already known problems than to try to find something more or less close to ideal. And we made it, made our service!Webprice.ru is a service that shows where and how much you can find the things you need, providing a wide range of features. About them - in the continuation of the review.

    So, Webprice.ru consists of three main sections, one of which is already familiar to most of you, but the other two sections, or services, are unique. The sections are called “Market”, “Sales”, “Service Zone”.


    “Market” is divided into several categories, including “Computers and peripherals”, “Photo and Video equipment”, “Office equipment” and others. Each of the categories includes several subcategories where you can easily and conveniently choose the right thing. We tried to avoid the above problems by showing only real products at the current price.

    The difference between this section and the existing sections is that you can make the selection of things necessary for your office or home. Indeed, it is very difficult to find everything you need for the office - a computer, scanner, printer, furniture, accessories. Using our service, you can easily find everything you need by looking at the characteristics of the goods. After this, it remains only to contact the sellers of these goods, agreeing on the delivery time. And that’s it - you can start work.
    Naturally, our service and the Market section are convenient not only for buyers, but also for sellers, for companies offering their products. You not only provide your products to potential buyers, but also shift the responsibility of consulting customers from yourself to our specialists.

    The “Sales” section is unique; it allows you to tell a potential buyer that it is in your store that the thing you need is currently being sold at a significant, very significant discount.


    A buyer, having got into this section, can appear on your site in a couple of clicks - the interface of the "Sales" section is intuitively clear for almost every user of the Network.
    For any of the products shown in our section, the characteristics, description, equipment and image are indicated. Updating the assortment is done automatically, several times a day. As a result, the buyer sees only relevant products at the current price.
    The benefits for the buyer are clear:
    - buying the right thing at a low price;
    - small time expenditures;
    - everything can be done without leaving the computer;

    And finally, the “Service Zone” section.

    In general, we were very surprised when we could not find something similar on any of the services like ours. But the need for a service indicating where you can solve the problem with the equipment has ripened for a long time. And yet there are very few such services brought to mind. In addition, it is also surprising that virtually no site offering equipment shows where to go if you need to repair or modify something. So the TV broke - and what to do, where to go for help? And if you know where, perhaps, in another place it will be repaired faster and at a lower price? Of course, this is possible, only few people want to spend time searching.
    So, the “Service” zone project helps to solve a lot of everyday problems associated with the repair of cars, computer equipment, electronics, apartments, houses, offices, and other rooms. This also includes the problems of finding service centers engaged in the maintenance, installation, modification of all this.

    Here is what the “Service Zone” section can offer our customers:

    car repair and maintenance;

    repair, modification and maintenance of computer equipment;

    repair of household appliances and electronics;

    cell phone repair;

    repair of apartments, offices, other visits, their maintenance;

    · Installation and maintenance of equipment for business;

    manufacture and repair of furniture;

    many other types of work.

    But what makes it profitable for service centers and repair shops:

    additional opportunities for advertising the company and promoting its services;

    the widest possible audience of target consumers;

    convenient, easy-to-use directory: potential customers get to your site with one click;

    the possibility of priority placement in the catalog, as a result - a greater flow of customers;

    placement of visual advertising of your service center or repair shop on our website throughout the entire period of cooperation;

    the opportunity to find business partners.

    In general, we are proud of the created service, and we are confident that it can save you more than a dozen minutes when choosing a product, and not one thousand nerve cells. Recent scientific studies claim that nerve cells still recover, but very, very slowly. So it’s better not to get nervous, but to search and find the NEEDED THINGS on the NEEDED SERVICE, Webprice.ru.

    It is clear that we do not claim that the service is perfection, it is new, it still needs to be “tested”. Problems are also possible, we do not deny this. The service is constantly updated, “bugs” are fixed, new goodies and lotions appear.

    Why did we write all this? In order to give you an idea of ​​what our service is and in order for the reputable habrasociety to test the service in work and help us to add and improve the service. In the end, I want to work so that everyone enjoys our work (well, or the vast majority of visitors). I'd like to feel that we are NEEDED, and the things offered by our partners are NEEDED THINGS. Like this.

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