Today, an order was issued and clear rules for how the state will moderate comments on websites:

    An official of a structural unit using standard Windows operating system tools, Internet Explorer Internet browser saves a screenshot (screenshot) containing an Internet media web page to which posted comments from readers. The screenshot is printed, signed by the official with the surname, name, patronymic and position, as well as the time of signing. The file containing the screenshot is saved on the computer’s hard drive. A screenshot is taken when fixing a violation, as well as when preparing a warning.

    The text of the order
    The direction of the appeal
    Template for addressing the media
    What can not be written in the comments

    Please note that these rules apply only to media , that is, those resources that are licensed . Since the act, you must attach the number of the certificate of registration of the media .

    Interestingly, what if I block the ip of Roskomnadzor to view my site? How they will work.

    Under the cut photo of the chief moderator of the country.

    Chief moderator of the country:


    Protopopov Konstantin Valerievich

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