Waterproof keyboard

    Dear users and readers of Habrahabr, we all spend a huge amount of time in front of the monitor. And quite often we like to have a cup of tea or coffee at work. But there are situations when this cup accidentally capsizes, and its contents fall on the keyboard, which after such water procedures usually have to be thrown out.

    Three years ago, throwing another keyboard into the dump, I went to the store for a new one. I didn’t look for a waterproof waterproof, but I found it, and at a very ridiculous price.

    The keyboard is still alive, fully functional, and I typed this post on it.

    So, meet - a4tech LCD (S) -720 :


    Read all the advantages and disadvantages of this keyboard under cat.

    So keyboarda4tech LCDS-720 with a pyramidal layout. At the time of purchase, I did not pay attention to it, but did not feel any difference. However, for those who care about this, there is also a version of the keyboard with a traditional key layout - a4tech LCD-720 .


    The most important advantage of the keyboard is that it is waterproof and its keys are specially sealed. It is very convenient to clean from dust, and if water gets in, you can simply dry it, and it will continue to work like new. Checked by personal experience, a spilled bottle of beer and a few cups of tea.


    - An excellent move, the keys do not fall down, are pressed easily and smoothly, and in general, it is a pleasure to work for a long time.

    - The cost of this keyboard in online stores - from 200 to 350 p.

    - The keyboard is quiet, the loudest key is a space.

    - Special coating, keys are not erased.


    - The letters of the Russian and English alphabet in one color. But this is a trifle, it’s not a hindrance to work, especially if not the first day at the computer.

    - There are no "legs" to raise the back. For some, a serious minus.

    - Only PS / 2, USB lovers will not like it. Yes, and you can’t connect to a laptop. However, with great desire, you can get the adapter.

    - There are no multimedia keys, but for me it's a virtue, because I do not use them.

    Conclusion:Convenient wired keyboard without extra twists. The main advantage is water resistance, for me it was a decisive factor. Perfect for office and daily work.

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