Video broadcast of the meetings of the Supreme Arbitration Court

    The Supreme Arbitration Court began broadcasting Presidium meetings in test mode. Already, any user can access records from the month of April. By the fall, broadcasting of the Presidium will be live.

    Internet broadcasts of meetings on the one hand increase the transparency of the judicial system, and on the other hand, allow practicing lawyers to more accurately analyze judicial practice. Moreover, a complete chronology of the case is available in the file cabinet of arbitration cases .

    It is worth noting that such a service is of an unprecedented nature, since there is no way in any world judicial system to view the video recording of the meeting in the public domain. For example, in the USA there is no way to take pictures in the hall, artists sketch scenes of the hearings in notebooks.

    The service was implemented by specialists of the Supreme Arbitration Court and the developers of . Now it is in test operation. We will be glad to hear any constructive criticism and suggestions.

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