Compromising evidence

    The parliament of Iceland approved a bill according to which a “shelter” will be created for resources that publish incriminating information and various kinds of classified information on the Internet.

    The first site to take advantage of the new Icelandic rules will be Wikileaks, which specializes in publishing political and corporate compromising materials. Wikileaks has been negotiating with the Icelandic authorities since 2009.

    The Icelandic bill was the result of an initiative called the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, which was founded by John Perry Barlow. The aim of this project is “to find ways to strengthen freedom of expression and freedom of information in Iceland, as well as providing reliable protection for information sources and their informants”.

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    I’ll add on my own: considering that at one time the American and Australian authorities were against Wikileaks , the necessity of this kind of law, in my opinion, is undeniable.

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