My first (habr) book

    imageI want to present to the habrasociety my first book, co-written with gaidar Magdanurov ( ASP.NET MVC Framework). The book, as the name implies, is dedicated to the young, but popular .net-framework for web development.

    It is noteworthy that this book to some extent originated on Habré. Namely, from this article and this comment . It has been almost a year and a half since then and now, from one comment a full-fledged book has grown, one might say - a habrabook.

    On a habr I know at least one more example of the similar book. Habraknig “ Accelerate your site ” by Nikolai Matsievsky ( sunnybear ) author of a bunch of articles on client optimization, a popular site , as well as the WEBO Site Speed ​​Up project.

    Actually, this post is not so much the PR of our book with Gaidar, but the desire to show the benefit that Habr and communication on it can bring. I hope many understand or understand that Habr is not only a place for debate, holivars and reading news, but also a place where various projects, cooperation and such books are born.

    More information about our book on the official website , page of the publishing house BHV, , ,

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