Rutracker.Org Addons: Firefox extension for Rutracker.Org


    The exceptional wealth and dynamics of the country's main tracker have their flip side: there is a lack of some amenities familiar to other resources. There are no email notifications, it is impossible to subscribe to comments and automate the timely receipt of news. Newborn RSS also has its limitations: 1 hour delay, fragmentation (you have to keep a separate feed for each section). The extension is designed to help solve these problems on the client side.

    Main functions:
    • Operational tracking of new distributions with full customization of a set of forums (polls are done by timer or manually, signaling with sound and messages in the system tray).
    • Convenient tagging system that allows you to filter and tag news by keywords (with support for regular expressions).
    • Autorun torrent files (by tags, when updating the indicated topics, as well as from the future download page or from any page on the network; the latter allows you to give tasks to the client remotely if for some reason the uTorrent web interface is not used).
    • Track comments on topics.
    • Tracking user statistics (rating changes, time bonuses).
    • Quick access from the menu to all forums, key pages and tracked topics.
    • Notification of changes in the structure of forums (delete, add, move, rename).
    • Spread all spoilers on a page, open all pages of a multi-page topic in tabs.
    • View the contents of torrent files (including on other trackers and on local drives).

    The extension may seem overloaded, but most of the functions and settings have been added at the request of users (running-in has been around for about a year). If someone used a similar extension for LiveJournal , the interface and settings will be familiar.

    Home page with a detailed description.

    AMO (new versions may take a long time in line for permission to share; for an online update it is better to subscribe to comments on the home page or leave the download in the client: it will turn red when changing the version).

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