Mozilla launched a service for checking plug-in versions in Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE

    Mozilla launched a tool yesterday that will now allow users and competing browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, Safari, and Opera, to find out if add-ons and plugins are vulnerable to them. Previously, the service worked only for the Firefox browser.

    The update was due in March, but Mozilla delayed the release to expand the list of plugins to be tested.

    Support for Microsoft browsers is limited to versions of IE7 and IE8, and for these browsers the list of checks is less than for the rest. “Since IE requires writing separate code for each plugin, it will take longer to expand the list of scanned plugins,” said Johnathan Nightingale, chief of Firefox’s development team, on the Mozilla security blog.

    The tool is available at:
    (I recommend opening it in a new tab, in some browsers the tool fills the transition history when working)

    Keep your browsers and plugins in them up to date!

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